• Dalmau Family

    Just like his brothers, Giovan Dalmau enrolled at Florida National University to be able to pursue his degree in higher education and enjoy everything that FNU has to offer.

    Listen to the story of the Dalmau Brothers and learn how FNU has prepared them all intellectually, athletically, and socially for their careers and their adult lives.

  • Yelisa Rivero | MSN-FNP Program

    I am an MSN-FNP student in the nursing department at FNU. I was originally interested in increasing my knowledge of Advance Practice, so I applied for the FNP program. I was so impressed by the level of support and structure in the program that the professors offered, that I decided to pursue the MSN-FNP degree. I am so thankful to be part of this program. I have learned so much and cannot imagine reading, let alone conducting, research without the skills I have learned through this program.

  • Fernando Wong | MSN-FNP Program

    I stumbled upon the MSN-FNP program at Florida National University because I needed a program that was fully asynchronous due to my full-time job. Since this was my first foray into in-person instruction after the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I was a bit hesitant. I am happy to report that I could not have made a better choice! In fact, the courses were so thorough that I decided to enroll in the MSN-FNP program after completing the RN-BSN. The faculty were knowledgeable, approachable, and quite skillful at leveraging the online nature of the program. I can honestly say that FNU changed my career path completely: in a few months, I will be starting a Doctorate program in Nursing Practice upon completion of my FNP degree. Two years ago, that never would have been an option!

  • Mayrelis Bada | MSN-FNP Program

    When I entered the FNP program, I had two small children and many family obligations. Going back to school in a full-time, accelerated program after being out in the working world was daunting to say the least. The program was intense, but I am so glad that I did it. The teachers are amazing — whether in the classroom or in the clinic, they work hard to support their students. The MSN-FNP program gave me the opportunity to learn the art and science of nursing under skilled, knowledgeable, and caring mentors. Miami has great need for primary care providers and becoming a family nurse practitioner will allow me to help address that need, as well as support my family. I am so grateful to FNU for offering this program!

  • Lisuan Morales | Respiratory Therapy Program

    I worked 2 jobs and still managed to finish my Associates of Science in Radiology in under 2 years due to FNU’s flexible schedule. I enjoyed the whole process. I thank my Professors because not only I passed my Boards on the first try, but my entire class did as well.


  • Jessica Hourruitiner | Psychology Program

    I was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the USA in 1999, at the age of seven. My family had no choice but to leave. My parents wanted a better life for me, and could not foresee that in Cuba. Luckily, we were able to leave, as my uncle who had been living in Trenton, NJ since the 80s sponsored us. Living in Trenton, NJ was a culture shock that sent us through a complicated roller coaster. I must admit that when first arriving to the USA, I was very angry with my family for taking me away from my cousins and friends. For years to come, I was sad and confused as to why I could not return to my home country. As I began to learn the truth about Cuba, and what my family had experienced. I recognized the necessity to leave and thanked my parents for their decision.

    When I moved to Miami, I had a couple of years of college under my belt, but did not know whether I wanted to finish school. Initially, I started working and put school to the side. As time passed, I heard multiple radio advertisements about Florida National University (FNU), and each time it intrigued me. Finally, one good day, I decided to take the number down and call. This was the beginning of an amazing journey, I will never forget.

    I began with the ultrasound program and then switched to psychology as that was my initial line of study and where my interest directed me. Shortly after, I received an email about a work-study opportunity. I took this opportunity and thankfully got the part-time job. The work-study job was as an assistant to the executive assistants. There, I met who is now one of my best friends, Naomi, and my mentor and inspiration, Dr. Maria Cristina Regueiro.

    I was later offered a full-time job, which I took and was grateful for the opportunity. During my time as an executive administrative assistant to Dr. Maria Cristina Regueiro, Mr. Frank Andreu and Mr. Omar Sanchez, I learned so much. I know have the confidence to jump into any challenge, and know that I will be successful, because of my work experience at FNU. Being there was an experience I will forever cherish.

    I graduated spring of 2021. Now, back in Trenton, NJ, I am honored to always represent FNU and tell everyone how I graduated from a school that is Latino owned, the first college in Hialeah and lead by a women. The odds were against FNU, yet FNU and its leaders never gave up! Putting the Latino/Hispanic culture at the ultimate highest level and promoting higher education for our community. It is peculiar to think that somehow, life took me to FNU, a school that mirrors my very life experience as an immigrant, and a member of the Latino/Hispanic community. Representations matters, and having FNU represent me and those in my community, is the highest honor. I am proud to be a part of this incredible school that welcomes all cultures and look forward to all of the amazing things ahead.

  • Joselin Betancourt | Health Services Administration Program

    My name is Joselin Betancourt and I just graduated from the master’s program in Health Service Administration at FNU. Since I started doing my associates, I started using university resources such as the writing studio. Then I used it for my bachelors and finally for my masters. The writing studio has been very helpful for me because I learned important content that I am applying now in my current job. I’m a manager in a clinic and I have to be sending emails and creating reports, and all that information and content that I learned, I’m using now. For this reason, I invite all the students to take advantage of this resources.

  • Mark Sanchez | BSN Nursing Program

    My name is Mark Sanchez, I’m currently enrolled in the BSN program. This is my third semester and I ended up here after getting out of high school. I was doing my research, and this came out as a very good option: Schedules were flexible; it was an affordable option, they worked very well with me, we went hand in hand throughout the whole process and it went very smoothly. When it comes to the professors, they are the best of the best, they always go the extra mile for you, they make you feel like it’s a small family. It’s never the last time you are going to see them, they are always with you, and they are always keeping track of your progress.

    As far as my program highlights, I really enjoy the simulation and skills labs, they have all the tools that we need to excel and learn. For example, the dummies breathe, they have murmurs, a heart rate and we use those tools to learn and excel in our program.

    I decided to pursue nursing because I really have a passion to help people and making a change in people’s daily lives as well as our families when we are going through hard times. I enjoy that it is a challenging job because you push yourself forward and you see a lot of growth within yourself as time goes. For the future, I plan on possibly doing my masters here at FNU as well. Possibly nurse practitioner or maybe even educational who knows, maybe I could end up working here.

  • Frankie Sampedro | BSN Nursing Program

    My time at Florida National University began when I was just three years old when I became a student at Little Angels Children Development Center. During my time there, I learned basic skills that became the catalyst for my future education. I graduated from this center at four years old and then began my primary school education, already equipped with valuable knowledge gained during my two years at the development center. Shortly after my high school graduation at 18 years old, I then got accepted into the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program at Florida National University and began this portion of my education in September of 2018. This program lasted 20 months and in this time I was taught by exceptional professors, whom both taught and inspired me to become a great Registered Nurse. Under the tutelage of these professors, I learned crucial skills and information that would go on to help me pass the NCLEX examination on my first attempt. Florida National University taught me the basic skills that I would need to be prosperous during the entirety of my education when I was just a toddler. However, FNU and its staff also gave me the education and eye-opening experiences that I needed to be a successful professional in the healthcare industry.

  • Richard Perez | BSN Nursing Program

    My name is Richard Perez, I am in the BSN Program. I’m an older student who decided to come back to pursue my dream as a nurse. I used to be a nurse in my country and FNU gave me the great opportunity to start my dream over again. Hopefully in a year and a half or so I will be done with the program. I highly recommend the school.

  • Gretel Aviles | MSN Nursing Program

    As a BSN graduate from FNU in 2019, I decided to continue pursuing an MSN degree in 2020. This has given me numerous opportunities as a nurse. FNU has provided me with the necessary resources to develop my career to the next level. Being a BSN registered nurse, you get to learn and conduct the mechanics of medicine, but as an MSN you work closely with doctors and can develop an educated diagnosis. Finally, as an MSN, you incorporate knowledge and practice that will serve as platform for the benefit of the patient.