The Best Textbook Rental & Purchasing Apps

The Best Textbook Rental & Purchasing AppsIt’s safe to say that today’s students can vouch for the fact that technology is transforming the educational system. That is true in many avenues of education—from the way students learn, to the materials professors use. As it turns out, even the simple, everyday textbook is no stranger to this shift in technology.

Today’s students can also vouch for the large sum they spend on textbooks each semester. Because many students are already paying tuition, paying for the gas to commute to school, paying for an apartment/dorm, and for other expenses on a part time job, paying for books can seem like an unmanageable burden.

However, before spending an entire paycheck on textbooks, it’s important to question whether or not there is an easier, less expensive way to purchase them! Let’s uncover a collection of the best textbook rental and purchasing apps available that make buying books a breeze!

Great Apps Students Need to Know

While there are a number of outstanding apps that offer students the ability to rent, buy, and even sell textbooks, here are some of our favorite options:

1. Chegg Textbooks

A familiar name, Chegg has quickly become one of the most well-known brands in textbook buying, selling, and rental. Students can save up to 90% off the price of physical textbooks by buying or renting from Chegg. While this popular website and app are fan favorites, it’s important to mention more great options, too!

2. Amazon eTextbooks

Powered by Amazon, and available on the Kindle, textbook rentals are instant, easy, and accessible at any time of the day! Save up to 80% with Kindle textbook rentals!

3. Yuzu App

Formerly known as Nook Study, Barnes and Noble’s new app, Yuzu, is another great way to buy digital copies of textbooks. Save up to 90% off regular textbook prices with this app! Rentals are also available!

4. Kno App

The Kno App is available on the iPad, Android, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Supplying textbooks for schools, students K-12, and students at the university level, students can browse titles at 30-50% off the list price! Assignments can be stored in the Cloud. Enrolled in a class you’re not sure about, but still want to keep up in case you decide to proceed? Have “Kno” fear: Kno enables students to return materials within 15 days of purchase.

5. Google Play

Save up to 80% from print prices with the Google Play app. Buying and renting digital books has never been easier or more accessible. Quickly and easily access textbooks from a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

6. WattPad

With WattPad, users gain access to over 20 million free ebooks and stories. While students might not find their textbooks on this app, it is certainly worth a try! Powered by Google Play, this app is available on a number of devices.

7. BookRenter App

Students can save money by renting real textbooks only for the amount of time they need them! Feel free to highly text, even in rentals! Students can also purchase books at a lower price through this app; best of all, shipping is always free.

8. Packback

Growing in popularity after the founders appeared on Shark Tank, Packback is a company created with students’ needs and values in mind. Students can buy and sell used textbooks, which is nothing revolutionary. What makes this site unique, though, is that students can rent ebooks through Packback for only five dollars! Currently, they are even offering one free rental for new email subscribers, valued at five dollars.

Student Tips for Saving Money

If you are not interested in using any of the aforementioned apps, there are still ways to save. Here are a few more tips to help you spend less on your next bundle of books:

  • Be one of the first to arrive at the bookstore. As soon as you know the required and suggested texts, go see what the bookstore has to offer in used textbooks. Students who wait too long miss out on a greater availability and collection of textbook options.
  • Always shop early, but also shop around. Finding a nice textbook through a trusted bookseller does not mean that same exact version is not available elsewhere at a lower price! Doing this early will give students more time to shop around without missing out on inherent deals around town and online.
  • Trade books: have friends that have taken that same class? See if they are willing to trade for another textbook you have, or if they are willing to sell it for a cheaper price.
  • Check out the local library. It doesn’t get more affordable than free! While there, be sure to ask their policy on extended checkouts.

FNU: Finding New & Used Books, Affordably!

We care about each student, and we want to do everything we can to see them be successful. We understand that new responsibilities associated with college can be difficult for students, financially. Follow our tips, and you will be on your way to success! If finances are still a concern, always research scholarships and other financial aid opportunities! In the meantime, apply to Florida National University!