Thanksgiving FNU Style

When I first arrived at FNU, one of the things that amazed me was the habit of feeding everyone. I mean everyone! Ok, I am sure this was cute and cozy when FNU was a little institution located on the top floor of a strip mall, but now we have over 3,000 students enrolled in three different campuses, and we are still feeding everyone. Well ok, not all of the students show up, but the welcome mat is at the front door, “stop by and join us if you can.” So every year, FNU serves up Thanksgiving dinner on all three campuses.

I have always had a special fondness for Thanksgiving. I believe cooking is an act of love, to be shared with the ones you love. For me, Thanksgiving expresses love even more than Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a show of affection. Thanksgiving is an act of affection. I think the late Dr. Regueiro understood this, too. That is why he always insisted on feeding everyone, and that is why his wife Maria Christina Regueiro, the current President of FNU, continues the tradition.

So as we do every year, Florida National University, will be serving Thanksgiving Dinner at all three campuses. The schedule will be as follows:


Hialeah Campus: November 21 Starting @ 12pm and 6:30pm *

South Campus: November 22 Starting @ 12pm and 7:00pm*

Training Center: November 23 Starting @ 12pm and 7:00pm*

*To ensure proper service, classes will be called to participate

“stop by and join us if you can.”