The Secret to Success

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Find out with this easy online assessment. The self-assessment questionnaire from Skip Downing’s On Course is available at the Houghton Mifflin website.

The assessment will help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. After rating yourself on 64 statements, the assessment will analyze each choice and calculate the final results.

By understanding your strengths and opportunities, you can learn how to leverage the skills you already have and identify the ones you need to acquire in order to manifest the level of success you really want—in college and in life.

Because your success is important to the faculty and staff here at FNU, Manuel Mares at the Office of Academic Advising, invites you to take the assessment, submit the final evaluation to, and visit his office at Room 140 (Hialeah Campus) to discuss the results.

Knowing is half the battle. Discover your undeveloped success skills, and discover your hidden potential.