Three, Two, One! Happy New Year!

It has been another tough year and our top stories reflect the world grappling head-on with many challenges, but we also saw moments of kindness and happiness providing some much needed stress relief. We have learned so much this past year. We must continue our resilience and hope of a new “normal” as we begin 2022.

The library expanded in various directions, from providing traditional services to virtual offerings and an increased online presence. We extended the Library’s hours of operation and enjoyed higher library usage numbers on campus and online. The students continue to study and learn, taking advantage of our individual study-rooms. The library team started to grow and will continue this pathway in the next year with renewed concentration on continuing education and implementation of new initiatives and projects.

This December, many students wrote Letters to Santa. What they desire the most is to pass their exams, successfully graduate, wish health and love to family and friends, be done with COVID, give blessings to everyone, and wishes for prosperity and good jobs in the near future. With the New Year comes motivational resolutions and updated to-do lists. Many of our student’s New Year’s resolutions focus on staying healthy and spending more time with the people they cherish.

It is important to focus our minds and take strides to improve our wellness, health, and maintain optimism as we move into 2022. Cheers to the new year and unlimited opportunities!

Ida Tomshinsky, FNU Library Director

Happy New Year