South Florida Universities with Flexible Class Schedules

South Florida Universities with Flexible Class SchedulesToday’s students want flexibility, and this is the result of several factors. Whether it is due to busy schedules, ample responsibilities, or simply due to the nature of college-aged Millennials’ values (studies show they desire workplace flexibility), colleges and universities are facing a growing number of students in need of a less traditional school schedule. Flexibility can mean a lot to today’s modern student: it offers the peace of mind that there is enough time in the day!

Prospective students who would like to know more about the benefits of a flexible school schedule in South Florida (and beyond) have come to the right place. Here, Florida National University (FNU) offers details on the importance of flexible school schedules, while offering a viable solution.

Why Flexibility Matters

Between busy schedules, responsibilities, and the fast pace of today’s society, flexibility and speed are both important factors in our everyday lives—especially when it comes to learning and education.

Start Without Restrictions

Many programs and courses require that students fit the generic expectation of a university student. That means he/she is likely anywhere from 17-25 years of age and works only part time. Similar to the average day job, many universities create class schedules that serve a particular audience—they often schedule classes for weekdays, in the morning into the afternoon.

However, this schedule does not fit each student or prospective student who is looking to learn. Not all students have the ability to embrace this situation, as they face various time constraints, responsibilities, full-time job responsibilities, and more.

According to a U.S. Department of Labor report, “Adult learners have significantly different needs than traditional college students and face many challenges as they seek postsecondary credentials. Adult learners are more likely to work full time and have family responsibilities that compete for their time, energy, and financial resources. Adult learners also want to minimize the amount of time they spend in class while maximizing the economic payoff of their effort” (USDL). Therefore, this concern must be addressed with a viable option for adult learners and others who are in need of a more flexible class schedule.

Universities that offer night classes, weekend classes, summer classes, and online classes are able to reach a broader network of students, enabling them to learn during times that may have been otherwise impossible. Because of this, FNU is careful to offer classes at an array of times. FNU understands that not all students can complete courses during the typical classroom availability—and FNU is sensitive to that need.

Because many of our classes are offered in 8-week terms, students do not have to wait for an entire semester to pursue their education. This means that once whatever kept the student from participating is no longer a factor, students can jump back into an accredited university and pick up where they left off. Therefore, students do not need to wait for a long period of time before learning again.

Go Back to School

Several adults face an added difficulty when trying to reenter the education system. After a decade of working, or after starting a family, going back to school is harder than ever before due to time constraints, responsibilities and families—not to mentions that one’s finances are likely already allocated. However, rather than living each day with the regret of never obtaining the degree one was after, a busy adult can now find the opportunity to return to school with an affordable, flexible program.

No need to shift around an already tight schedule to address the added responsibility of classes in the morning. Our students can enroll in courses that fit their availability, and we do our best to ensure that we provide that to each individual studying in our university.

Apply at Any Time

Our education model was developed to enable students and prospective students an equal opportunity for education—it was crafted with the modern student in mind. Our model does not impose application deadlines on our applicants. We understand that life comes at full speed, and unexpected moments take place often—that is why we have allowed our students the freedom to apply whenever they are ready. Whether that means directly after high school, after a bit of time off from school, or whenever else it may be, students who are ready to begin learning should keep FNU in mind.

FNU’s rolling application deadline enables students to avoid the long application and waiting period that many schools require students to endure. Thus, FNU students are often able to enter their chosen program of study sooner, which offer the possibly of entering the workforce earlier.

Opt for Online Learning

Online learning offers an added benefit to our students with elevated flexibility requirements. Distance learning, also known as online learning, is a great way for students with tight schedules to enjoy an education.

Taking courses online allows an individual to learn on his or her own time. Whether sitting by the pool, sipping tea at the town’s best coffee shop, or relaxing at home, online courses allow students to learn with the added benefit of greater flexibility in their schedule.

Keep in mind that online classes still require students to meet certain deadlines, but having access to the materials allows students to follow their syllabus at their discretion. One does not need to drive to campus and sit through class each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. Rather, he/she can work on his/her reading assignments and projects throughout the week—whether at night or in the morning—to ensure that assignments are completed before the deadline.

A Sampling of Our Schedules

Most courses offered by FNU are scheduled as either three or four-hour sessions, held Monday through Friday, anytime from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. Some courses are offered on Saturdays and clinical practices are offered seven days a week, (scheduling based on program requirements and site availability). FNU also offers internet-based distance-learning courses, which enhances the scheduling and responsibility flexibility.

Florida National University: Dedicated to a Diverse Student Body

Florida National University (FNU) is careful to construct class schedules carefully in a manner that allows students to create schedules that fit their availability accordingly. If you are ready to learn on your time, while experiencing the freedom of a flexible class schedule, then it is time to make the move. Review a list of our programs, and apply to FNU today!


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