Top 5 Reasons to Study Business Administration in South Florida

Office equipment on top of the business papers America is an industrial nation built on the countless businesses that spring up across every industry on a daily basis. Businesses today have grown into monumental constructs of varying complexity that supply thousands of jobs to the country and world. Now more than ever, businesses are in need of skilled, well-educated, innovative leaders who understand the elaborate relationships that support the world of business.

Business as a whole is a necessary part of the modern world. That’s why business degrees have grown in popularity, making up over a quarter of the total degrees awarded—even beating out education.

Clearly, it is time to get started studying in this field. Why not come and study Business Administration in South Florida? South Florida is an active area with a growing, diverse population. Florida National University (FNU) gives students the perfect opportunity to study business, from an associate’s degree all the way up to a master’s degree—all in the excitement of one of the most robust and culturally diverse locations in the world. Here are five reasons why you should study business administration in with FNU:

  1. Great Weather

In South Florida, days are warm and fair throughout most of the year. Even during the fall and winter seasons, the temperature rarely deviates from the traditional warmth that Floridians enjoy. Whether students want to take a break and cool off with a bit of swimming, squeeze in an intense set of yoga in the park, or take their study session out onto the beach for a change of pace, South Florida’s weather is consistently ideal. That means that students don’t have to deal with slippery, snowy roads and frozen windshields before class.

  1. A Diverse and Dedicated Campus and Program

FNU has two separate campuses positioned in and around the Miami area. These locations have a culturally diverse population of students and professional faculty that excels at making the learning process as smooth and engaging as possible. FNU uses its exceptional educational facilities and resources to support an intimate classroom setting where students get the utmost attention from their professors. The staff works with students, understanding them and the particular processes they use in learning new material in order to better provide them with a unique university experience.

The Business Administration program, in particular, emphasizes the importance in the development of communication, quantitative reasoning and business analysis skills. The program also assists students in acquiring the perspective needed to understand the roles of economics in the world marketplace and the fundamental of entrepreneurship. FNU provides students in the Business Administration program the opportunity to not only begin the process at the University, but to also finish it with a master’s degree as well.

  1. Experience Unique Emerging Business

The FNU South Campus is located conveniently within a short distance of some of South Florida’s fastest growing districts. A short trip can send students to Downtown Miami where art, culture, and history come together. Downtown Miami features a great number of major museums, parks, sports stadiums, art centers and theaters. Students seeking to engage with the influence of innovation and knowledgeable marketing strategies need only look to the Design District: an area which has risen to fame for being a prime destination for the arts, design, and fashion.

The Design District is replete with art galleries, showrooms, creative services, architecture firms, stores, antique dealers, and eateries; all recently established businesses which have found a foothold in a thriving community.

Wynwood, another area with a large and developing art and fashion scene, lies just south of the Design District. This location is seeing a surging interest from potential investors and entrepreneurs looking for unique and fruitful business opportunities. These areas offer students the rare opportunity to observe the rapid growth of unique and emerging businesses and the strategies employed that assist in their development.

  1. The Business of Beaches

A short trip from the downtown area will take students into Miami Beach and its surroundings. Much like the areas around it, Miami Beach is a city steeped in art, culture, and history. Ocean Drive, in particular, is known for its art deco architecture and has been featured prominently in film and television. While Miami Beach has a myriad of art museums and annual festivals covering things such as art, film, and music, the city is best known for its beaches—the most popular of which is South Beach.

South Beach is a serene stretch of coastline on the southern end of Miami Beach. Thanks to weather that keeps the area consistently warm, the beaches see a great deal of use from both the locals and tourists alike. This makes it an ideal location for entrepreneurs and business professionals to take advantage of the constant flow of people with disposable incomes who are looking to enjoy themselves.


Many businesses develop along the beachfront road with that same philosophy in mind. Having the ability to study the intricate nature between location and opportunity is one that no student of business should go without.

  1. A Growing Financial District

The FNU Hialeah campus is also a short drive from Brickell, South Florida’s major financial district. Brickell is considered one of the densest neighborhoods in the United States, and it is the heart of Miami’s banking, investment, and financial sectors. It is easily distinguished by its mass of high rises, consisting of various commercial and residential towers.

Having the opportunity to watch and experience a bustling district inundated in ever-changing economic dealings would be a memorable one. Budding business majors can look towards the financial district as a symbol of what hard work and a sound business sense can accomplish in the world.

FNU: Opening the Doors to New Horizons

Whether you’re a local, familiar with the sights and sounds of South Florida, or an international student looking to broaden his/her horizons, it’s easy to see the inherent value the area brings to students of business. Get a world-class education and take your life to new heights. Apply to FNU now.