Top Benefits that FNU Offers to Veterans in Miami

Enlisting in the military is a huge sacrifice. For United States (US) soldiers, the level of commitment is admirable. Some soldiers don’t make it back home and if they do, they may be seriously injured mentally and/or physically.

US veterans should be honored. Dedicating your time, and quite possibly your life to fight and defend your country is an honorable service and deserves respect, whether it’s after a tour of duty, or if you have been discharged to civilian life. The US government understands this, which is why they have included educational programs as a veteran benefit, and Florida National University (FNU) is doing its part to support these efforts for the soldiers as well as their family members.

Keeping the Entire Family in Mind!

US soldiers dedicate a great deal of their time in the military. The training they receive is geared toward becoming the best soldier they can be. Consequently, their families have to be prepared to uproot and move whenever it’s necessary. So trying to commit to a college degree program could be close to impossible. Yet, there are some US programs that help soldiers and their families earn an education while serving their country.

Take Advantage of the GI Bill

Through the GI Bill, veterans and their family members are eligible for education and training assistance. For veterans specifically, there are two types of higher education and training benefits:

  1. Post 9/11 GI Bill

Not only veterans, but also service members as well as family members who served after September 10, 2001 are eligible to receive this form of educational training and assistance. The great benefit with the Post 9/11 GI Bill is that it offers the GI Comparison Tool that helps veterans find the best accredited universities that have been vetted by

Through the GI Comparison Tool, you’ll be able to search which qualified university you want to enroll in based on whether you choose to take classes in the classroom or online. You’ll also be able to determine exactly how much of your education is covered based on the cumulative amount of time that you served in the military.

Learn more about the Post 9/11 GI Bill in this video:

  1. Montgomery GI Bill

Through this bill, active duty members who enlist in the Armed Forces and are looking to pursue a higher education degree, certificate or other form of educational training are eligible for this bill. Here, there are the two main programs:

  1. Active Duty
  2. Selective Reserve

To get a better understanding of how these two bills work, visit the United States Department of Veteran Affairs’ page regarding the Montgomery Bill.

How Does Florida National University Fit into All of This?

FNU is a regionally accredited university located in Hialeah, Florida with a second campus in Miami. We also have an Online Learning Department and Training Center. FNU helps veterans from the Army, Coast Guard/Navy, Marines, and Army get an education.

Association with Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges

FNU is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), an organization that is dedicated to helping Servicemembers who frequently relocate. SOC helps Veterans find degree programs that will match their military occupation. This will give them a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Veterans from every branch can take advantage of FNU’s distance learning programs that allow you to complete a semester online in a course structure of 8-week terms with new courses beginning every two months. With our distance learning programs, classroom attendance isn’t required, but all FNU enrollees have full access to our university services like our e-library and tutorial and advisement services.

Transfer Some of Your College Credits

Veterans can start their college career with up to 9 credits on previous college work completed through:

  1. CLEP exams, an online program that can help you earn college credits without needing to enroll into a college course.
  2. Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), an organization that provides leadership and support to Servicemembers who are trying to pursue their degree or certification whether they are on active duty or discharged.
  3. Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), an organization that assists foreign-educated people in verifying that their educational credentials are accurate and recognized across borders.

FNU Has Military Friendly Silver Status

According to Military Friendly, “Silver Award winners have programs that scored within 30 percent of the 10th-ranked institution within a given category.” This is a surefire sign that Florida National University should be at the top of veterans’ list of universities to attend whether it’s remotely or at our Miami or Hialeah campus.

To learn more about FNU military benefits, visit our official website page here.

Scholarship Opportunities

FNU also awards financial scholarships to government employees. FNU students might also be eligible for academic scholarships. We also have an athletic department. As an FNU student athlete, you might also have the opportunity to apply to some athletic scholarships. Consult our financial aid department to learn more about additional financial assistance.

FNU: Committed to Furthering Your Education

FNU is dedicated to giving all of our students a quality education no matter where they are enrolled in the world. Our online classes are structured just like our traditional classes. The only difference between the two is the camaraderie that you may gain as an in-class student verses working independently online. On the other hand, as active military personnel, the online options gives you the flexibility to move anywhere in the world without disrupting your education.

With Florida National University, you have options as a veteran, whether you’re active duty or on reserve. Contact an FNU advisor today to discuss your enrollment options.