What is the Top Dental Lab Technician Program in Miami, Florida?

For people with a passion to help others, dental lab technician programs offer great opportunities to those seeking to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Without the need to invest as much time and money in education as other healthcare positions, a top, two-year dental lab technician program in Miami, Florida is all aspiring students need to succeed in this field.

Exciting Career Opportunities Await Dental Lab Technicians

The healthcare industry and the demand for qualified medical professionals continues to grow rapidly throughout the United States and the rest of the world. With excellent job outlooks and promising long-term career opportunities, pursuing a degree as a Dental Laboratory Technician is a smart decision for many.

The Shortage of Technicians in the Field

While other professionals fear decreasing career opportunities and openings in the future, dental lab technicians do not. Due to an ever-increasing demand for dental lab technicians, current professionals have found great benefit from a wide variety of factors affecting the industry, including:

  • Recent technological advancements in material sciences and manufacturing systems
  • New federal & state legislations
  • An aging population living longer
  • Evolving professional practice models
  • Global economic growth

Dentists and patients everywhere are in need of experienced dental technicians, and as a result, a clear shortage of workers has emerged in this important field.

Pursue an Engaging Career as a Dental Lab Technician

Unfortunately, in the current job market today, two-thirds of American workers actually dislike their jobs. At Florida National University (FNU), we want to help you avoid becoming a statistic and feel excited to walk into your office or laboratory every day.

Dental lab technology is both an art and science that offers an engaging, stimulating workplace environment that challenges you every day to learn and improve your craft. Each dental restoration project you encounter is as unique as each patient you help. Each corrective device or replacement you recreate for natural teeth will be different and must co-exist in harmony with the rest of a patient’s teeth.

The science surrounding dental lab technologies is evolving rapidly. Dental technicians today must stay current with the advancing field and have the opportunity to innovate their skills on an ongoing basis. Functioning as creative scientists in many ways, dental lab technicians possess deep knowledge about an array of topics, including:

  • Tooth anatomy
  • Masticatory functions
  • High-tech materials utilized in the lab
  • Processes supporting the creation of dental devices

Dealing with both the perfections and imperfections that come along with natural teeth create a rewarding day-to-day job. Dental Lab Technicians get to take a hands-on approach and work with many types of advanced technology materials, including:

  • Zirconia
  • Lithium disilicate ceramics
  • Feldspatic porcelains ceramics
  • PMMA plastics
  • Acrylics’ plastics
  • Composite resins’ plastics
  • Metal alloys

The Ever-Evolving Field of Dental Lab Technology

Dental Lab Technicians have the opportunity to work with many of the most advanced and exciting digital technologies on an ongoing basis. In recent years, technology has taken over dentistry and is shaping the future of the industry. Most of the major dental advancements are all stemming from the field of dental laboratory technology. Dental lab technicians today work with many types of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies. CAD/CAM has become an integral part of everyday practice for technicians and growth within this area has been remarkable.

Florida National University’s Top Dental Lab Technician Program

Our reputable program is among the very best dental lab technician programs in the country. As a highly regarded, regionally accredited university in the Miami area, Florida National University is poised to provide you with the necessary skills you need to thrive after graduating from our Dental Lab Technician program. Our program is reasonably priced and requires just 60 credits necessary for completion. Once you’ve completed our Dental Lab Technician program, you will be trained to craft bridges, dentures, implants and while working with orthodontics.

Florida National University’s Comprehensive Core Curriculum

Our dental laboratory technician curriculum offers a well-rounded set of courses that will adequately prepare you for a job in the dental field. Our institution is focused on combining book knowledge with real-world applications to ensure you not only conceptually understand the material but can apply it as well.

Browse our full core curriculum to get a better sense of the breadth of our comprehensive Dental Laboratory Technician program.

Top Dental Technician Courses Offered in Both English and Spanish

As an international university, Florida National University offers its top Dental Lab Technician program in both English and Spanish to further your chances of employment worldwide. We recognize that degrees being offered solely in English may have their limitations in a globalized economy. The demand for dental technicians is high in the United States as well as abroad. This is one of the reasons we’re committed to offering our program in multiple languages.

Learn More about FNU’s Top 2-Year Dental Lab Technician Program

We know a degree in this medical field will bring you exciting and promising career opportunities. Our admissions staff is standing by to help you qualify for financial aid and answer any questions you may have related to our Dental Laboratory Technician program or any of our other degree offerings. For more information about our top Dental Lab Technician program in Miami, Florida, don’t hesitate to contact our university today.