Top Online Degree Programs in Florida


If you’re looking for one of the top online degree programs in the state of Florida, then Florida National University (FNU) should be one of the first universities to consider for a quality education. We have a stellar online curriculum of accredited degree programs designed to prepare students for a successful future.

According to the 2015 Babson Survey Research group, approximately 5.8 million students enrolled in online courses in the year 2014. That means that one in four students will take at least one online course during their career as a college student. The numbers will likely increase. The study went on to report that a reasonable percentage of chief academic leaders believe that online learning lends a critical role to the long-term strategy of value and a legitimate education. More academic leaders are realizing the important role that an online education plays in a student’s academic career, and FNU is one of the top universities that understand this.

What to Expect Out of an FNU Online Degree Program

That is why we’ve invested a great deal of time and research constructing our online programs so that it mirrors our virtual classroom curriculum. In this way, students will not have to worry about receiving an inferior education. Our university is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award masters, bachelors, and associate degrees. What this means for FNU online students is that they will get the same type of education that they would get as if they enrolled in one of our brick and mortar classes.

Here is a list of our online courses:

Online Associate Degree Programs

FNU offers associate degree programs in arts and sciences. For full-time students, this degree takes approximately two years to complete. If you are interested in earning an associate’s degree, ask one of our advisors about the following programs:

Online Bachelor Degree Programs

FNU also offers bachelor degrees in the school of arts and sciences. This degree typically takes four years to complete for students who are enrolled on a full-time basis. Here is a list of bachelor programs to choose from:


Online Master’s Degree Programs

FNU online master’s degree can take up to one or two years to complete. Some of these degrees can be completed 100% online. Others will require some clinical lab coursework. It is possible to take the majority of your classes online and arrange for a semester that will be academically convenient and flexible enough for you to complete the recommended credit hours to earn your master’s degree. Again, this is something you’ll need to discuss with the advisor of that department.

Here are the master degree programs FNU offers:

About Florida National University’s Online Degree Programs

FNU has five academic divisions: Allied Health Science, Business & Economics, Humanities & Fine Arts, English as a Second Language and Nursing. Within these 5 divisions, you can choose an academic department that is best suited toward the professional career path that interests you the most.

Keeping a Structured Online Schedule

When taking online courses, it’s easy to get off track when it comes to an academic semester. However, the advantage that online students have over traditional students is that they don’t have to adhere to a strict class schedule. With online learning, you the student have the authority to set your class hours at any time of the day. Yet, if you’re one of the students who’s enrolled in both our virtual and online courses, then you’ll need to keep track of our academic schedule.

What constitutes an academic year?

An academic year includes two semesters that last for four months. Each semester has two terms that last two months with two weeks of vacation after the summer and fall.

While your virtual courses require structure, your online class schedule and times are a 24-hour management task for you. It is completely up to you to manage your online coursework.

Your FNU Advisors

We mentioned earlier that you should consult with an academic advisor under the respected academic divisions. Here is a list of some of the FNU directors and advisors:

  • BNS Program Director – Ruben Coll, RN, MSN, ARNP
  • Business and Economics – James Bullen, PhD
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – Barbara Rodriguez
  • English as a Second Language – Oscar Perez
  • Allied Health Programs – Dr. Loreto Almonte

Type of Financial Aid Available to Online StudentsHow to Make a Smooth Transition from Student to Employee

If you plan on pursuing a successful future, then you need to be prepared to invest in the type of education that will get you there! Earning a college education is going to cost you, but it will also open up doors of opportunity that you might not have necessarily gotten without a college education

Florida National University also provides financial aid assistance to students who are looking for a way to pay for their education. FNU can help you acquire the funds necessary to pay for your education by means of grants, scholarships, and loans. To find out whether or not you qualify, view our list of scholarship opportunities here.

If you’re ready to begin taking college courses toward earning a college degree, then contact our campus today to get the admissions process started!