Top Paying Accounting Jobs with an Accounting Degree

If you are just starting in college and looking to pick a major, or you are thinking about going back to school, you should highly consider a career as an accountant. Accounting careers are a great option for people who are organized, detail-oriented and love working with data and numbers. Accounting jobs often pay well, provide great benefits and can provide job stability. An accounting degree can ignite your career and help you land one of the best top paying accounting jobs listed below.


Accounting Degree - Top Paying Accounting Jobs with an Accounting Degree


  1. Financial Manager

Potential earnings: $117,900


Financial managers are responsible for confirming everything in the financial department of a company is working smoothly. Financial managers typically strategize new concepts that will help increase a company’s financial success while monitoring the work of the accountants and financial analysts. These individuals are the financial face of a company and ensure the best financial practices are in place.


  1. Accounting Director

Potential earnings: $88,00-$174,000


An accounting director generally serves as a manager to employees in the accounting department and oversees the accounting activities in a company or organization. They may also assist in creating the company’s accounting protocol, develop new accounting strategies and hire accounting employees.


  1. Accounting Professor

Potential earnings: $92,220


Accounting professors play a key role in the collegiate experience for accounting students. College-level accounting professors understand the basics of accounting so they can provide accounting students with reliable information. Potential earnings may depend on the size and area of the university in which they work.


  1. Senior Financial Analyst

Potential earnings: $80,310

Financial analysts work with banks, nonprofits and large and small companies to provide insight on their financial investments. This role is crucial to monitor changes in investments to make the most from the investment portfolios. Senior financial analysts work with companies to determine if changes in the investment need to be made.


  1. Senior Accountant

Potential earnings: $80,000

A senior accountant often has more experience than a traditional accountant and therefore has more responsibilities and often a higher salary. A senior accountant has various job responsibilities, including preparing taxes, training new accountants, overseeing budgets, performing risk assessments, analyzing data in QuickBooks and creating budgets. Many companies use senior accountants to track their spending and profits. An accountant is typically a great place to start accounting careers, but many can quickly move up to be a senior accountant.


  1. Risk Analyst

Potential earnings: $78,010


Risk analysts determine whether investment portfolios can provide profits in the future for companies. Companies want to provide the best services to the consumers and risk analysts can help them do just that.


  1. Accounting Clerk

Potential earnings: $22,940-$57,920


Accounting clerks manage the daily inflow and outflow of funds of a company. Accounting clerks provide spending reports, tax records and income statements. They generally work with other clerks to maintain the payroll, accounts payable/receivable and billing accounts within medium to large businesses. This is typically an entry-level position that can lead to growth in the future with additional experience and training.



Earn an Accounting Degree at Florida National University


Just like any industry, new graduates usually start from the bottom and work their way up. To help grow your knowledge and experience within the accounting industry, Florida National University offers the following accounting programs:


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Associate of Science in Accounting
  • Associate of Arts in Accounting


While the top paying accounting jobs may change, earning a degree as an accountant can help you land a high paying job in the future. To learn more about our accounting programs, call FNU today at 305-821-3333.