University Choices for International Students in South Florida

There are many universities in the United States (U.S.) from which international students to choose. How can you tell if a university is good choice for you?

Even though you might be familiar with the culture and environment in the U.S., it may still be challenging to pick an American university without help. Maybe you cannot physically visit different institutions to compare campuses and program offerings. You may also be unaware of what to look for in a university. Without recommendations or additional information, choosing a university can be both tiring and frustrating.

If you are an international student looking for a great university, Florida National University should be at the top of your list. With that in mind, we have bundled the top tips for choosing your perfect university.


Weather should not be a concern to any student at a South Florida college. South Florida has great weather throughout the year. If you like quiet places, you might look for universities located in smaller towns. Depending on the course you are taking, the geographical location of a university might also play a vital role in the opportunities available after graduation.

Campus Atmosphere

Along with location, the kind of atmosphere a university creates for students can impact your experience, comfort, and enjoyment of studying internationally . A productive and cheerful atmosphere can positively affect the performance of students on campus. Your overall safety while attending the institution is also an essential factor. If you feel safe and supported, you will be more likely to succeed in your program.

Education Quality

Institutional accreditation is the best way to determine if an institution of higher learning will offer an exceptional education that meets your needs. You can also tell the quality of education provided by a university by looking at the achievements of students who have studied at the institution. Institutions dedicated to providing top-notch education produce outstanding members of society who lead successful careers. Florida National University offers this sort of excellence in education.

Sporting Opportunities

Are you interested in playing sports for a college? If yes, then you should always be on the lookout for schools offering the ones you enjoy. Florida National University, for example, offers students the chance to join the Conquistadors basketball, volleyball, baseball or softball, soccer, and track and field teams. Their teams are starting to make waves in Florida as noted by their many accomplishments. It is important to note that the community supports the games especially during tournaments, making the student-athletes feel welcome.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Interacting with other students and the community can often help close the cultural barrier for international students. Student clubs and organizations give you the chance to contribute to the university’s and interact with fellow students. Florida National University offers international students various clubs and organizations.

Final Thoughts

Florida National University has all of the desired characteristics that make it the perfect university for any international student wanting to study in South Florida. The weather does not disappoint and our collegiate and professional sports teams are top notch. The locals are friendly and the university management is dedicated to making international students feel welcome. We are the best South Florida College in the state for international students. Our exceptional academic programs are perfect for international students as well.

If you are interested in any programs, give us a call at 305-821-3333 and start your journey with us today.