Best University for Non-Traditional Students in Miami


Best University for Non-Traditional Students in MiamiMiami is a vibrant city that is full of cultural diversity, arts, and professional opportunities. According to the World Population Review, Miami had a population that was estimated at 441,003 in 2016 with a density of 4,687 per square mile. This all equates to Miami being the 44th most populated city in the United States (US). The urban area houses approximately 5.5 million making it the 4th largest in the US. As far as the metro area goes, its population is noted at 5.56 million making it the largest in the US.

So What?

So what does this all mean and what does it have to do with education for non-traditional students?

Knowing the population numbers in any city you plan to visit or live in is critical to understanding how your lifestyle might be. For instance, a 13-mile commute in a small mid-western town is not going to be the same as a 13-mile commute in a city like Miami. This is largely due to the population. The more people you have in a city, the longer it’s going to take to get from point A to B.

So as a non-traditional student living in the city of Miami, these are the things that you need to take into consideration. Non-traditional students are typically considered to be people who have other responsibilities outside of their academic ones. It could be another job, family responsibilities, caring for a loved one, or anything that pulls you away from committing 100% of your undivided attention toward academia.

The Importance of Time Management

Earning a college education takes time, and time is something you need to know how to manage very well when you’re juggling additional responsibilities. Many aspiring non-traditional students planning to attend college while living in Miami forget to take that into consideration.

This is why Florida National University (FNU) recommends that you seriously consider our campus to earn your college degree. Our university is conveniently located in the South Florida region and is perfect for the non-traditional student.


Here are 4 reasons why you need to schedule an appointment with an FNU advisor today:

  1. Regionally Accredited

FNU is a regionally accredited educational institution approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Through this accreditation, FNU can proudly award associates, bachelors, and master degrees. Any student enrolled in an FNU degree program can take confidence in knowing that the entire curriculum has met the standards and principles set by the Commission that fully addresses the needs of society for that particular subject.

According to the SACSCOC, “accreditation is best accomplished through a voluntary association of educational institutions.” If you’re investing hard-earned money into an education, then you want to make sure that it’s an institution that practices self-regulation. This reflects the embodiment that “people can and ought to govern themselves through a representative, flexible, and responsive system.” Being accredited is all about prestige and self-discipline. If you want to be the best at your profession, then it starts with getting the best education possible. And this starts with finding a university that stands by SACSCOC’s principles and values.

So it is absolutely important that you choose an accredited university, as these are the type of educational institutions that are most recognized and respected by employers.

  1. Offers Online Classes

It’s true that you can go on the web and find a long list of online degree programs, but not all of them will be accredited. Furthermore, most of these online degree programs are not associated with any brick and mortar educational institution. So, you want to be extremely careful when selecting which kind of online degree to enroll in.

Remember the reason why you’re investing in a college education in the first place—in hopes of landing a rewarding career with a generous salary. So while your skillset may be exceptional, you still have to look good on paper. Employers take notice of what kind of institution your degree is from. Sometimes, that could be the deciding factor between hiring you or another applicant. So choose your online program choose wisely.

Another great opportunity to taking online courses with FNU is the flexibility it provides. You’re not restricted to taking all of your classes online—unless you want to! FNU offers you the flexibility to earn your college degree at either one of our campuses in Hialeah or Miami. We also have an Online Learning and Training Center that’s structured to prepare students for real life work situations after college. Depending on which degree program you choose to enroll in, you may be able to take virtual classes. This is another great benefit for non-traditional students living in the Miami area.

  1. Smaller Classroom with More Personal Attention

Another great benefit of attending FNU is the advantage of having smaller classes—something quite unique in the Miami area. FNU has a graduating class of approximately 200 students with roughly over 1,500 full-time students enrolled. This does not include the part-time students. Many non-traditional students are typically enrolled part-time, although it’s not uncommon for a non-traditional student to take full-time classes. So, our classroom sizes aren’t largely intimidating. They are comfortably small enough for our professors to give students the attention that they might not necessarily get from an oversized university.

  1. Accelerated Master’s Program

A few of the main concerns for students who are looking for a master degree programs in Miami are the cost and time it will take to complete it. FNU offers students many options to pay for their college education through the assistance of our financial aid department. Our university offers several opportunities for students to afford a college degree.

What Else Does FNU Offer?

FNU also offers master degrees in Nursing, Business Administration, and Health Services Administration. Most of these master’s degree programs can be earned in one year and 100% online!

FNU’s academic curriculum is designed to help both traditional and non-traditional students alike. However, by being located in the widely populated Miami area, we are by far the best university for non-traditional students! We’re here to provide you with attainable educational opportunities that will lead you to a rewarding future. So get the admissions process started today and contact an FNU advisor now!