Ways an Accounting Degree Is Great For Your Future

College student checking financial report on computerWays an Accounting Degree Is Great For Your Future

Choosing to pursue a college degree is an important life decision. Deciding which major to study is even more important. When selecting a major, you are committing two or more years of your life to a single subject. It is not only an academic commitment, but a professional one as well.

Prospective students who are considering Accounting as a major can rest easy knowing that this field of work is applicable to multiple areas of study. So for those who are still determining which career to pursue, take a closer look at Accounting because most of the credits under this program are easily transferrable and have many other life benefits.

Deciding Your Major

It is highly advised to take into serious account exactly what you want to study. However, it is understandable to become overwhelmed with the choices, as there are many academic programs that colleges and universities offer. That’s why it’s strongly counseled that you choose wisely. By considering Accounting as a major—or minor even, you are making a great investment in your future. Here are some ways that an Accounting degree can do this.

Job Security

There are some academic programs that have a certain niche. Once you’ve chosen that specific area of study, it doesn’t leave much room to do anything else.

Accounting is different. It is all about managing money. Skills are diverse and can cross over to any field of work. Accounting is what’s needed to operate businesses and corporations of all kind, so the need for competent workers with excellent accounting skills will always be in constant demand.

An Accounting Degree Offers Access to Better Jobs

Accounting is the foundation to any good business venture. Good money management is the key to growing a business successful enough to employ good workers. Smart companies understand this and are willing to pay for it.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s May 2014 Occupational Employment and Wages report, the annual mean wage is reported at $77,510. However, this estimate may not apply to entry-level positions. The report also indicates that overall, there was an approximate .6% rise in employment.

Depending on the location, industry, and how small or large a company is, salaries may vary. This applies to any field of work, but at least for accounting, one can expect the starting pay to be much higher with an accounting degree than without.

The Occupational Employment and Wages also reports that 10% of the nation’s accounting professionals—including local and state government, along with the larger corporations and enterprises, begin offering an annual wage at $40,850, while 90% are paid up to $115,950 annually. In this particular calculation, the median salary is $69,540 a year.

Apply Your Knowledge to Life Skills

Proper money management is beneficial to more than academic studies and professional career obligations. Basic accounting skills are also needed to manage personal finances. In fact, it is recommended for every student to take at least one introductory accounting course, even if you don’t select it as a major or minor.

Types of Jobs Offered to Accounting Majors

  • Public AccountingThis profession can range in size from a large corporation to a private practitioner. The responsibilities of a public accountant entail providing tax, accounting and consulting services to businesses and individuals.
  • Corporate AccountingCorporate accounting often deals with the internal management of debits and credits. However, depending on the business, it can also be more specific in consulting businesses and corporations rather than individuals.
  • AuditingEarning a college degree in Accounting can prepare students toward pursuing their career as an Auditor. Students who have endeavors to work for a Certified Public Accounting firm might appreciate that this niche dedicates a great deal of their time toward financial statement auditing.
  • Tax Management and PreparationAccounting majors will be knowledgeable enough about tax laws to accurately manage and prepare annual federal and state filings.
  • Accounting ServicesMany entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses may have a good understanding of supply and demand, but oftentimes, their books are not accurate. It is not uncommon for business owners to seek the assistance of accounting services to properly manage the financial side of their business.

Where to Get the Best Accounting Degree

There are a plethora of Accounting programs in the education sector to choose from. Florida National University (FNU) wants to help you select the right one. Located in South Florida, FNU has campuses placed in Miami and Hialeah and is close to major highway for an easier commute. We are an accredited university offering a variety of programs that range from certificates to Master degrees.

Types of Accounting Degrees FNU Offers

  • Associate of ArtsWith an Associate’s in Accounting, graduates can better position themselves for an entry-level position in the accounting department of any industry. A minimum requirement of 60 credits is needed to complete this course. Student will have a well-rounded education in the basic principles of accounting in addition to a total of 12 credits dedicated to Humanities, Behavioral and Social Science with 23 core requirements.
  • Associate of ScienceThe Associate of Science program has the same goal as the Associate of Arts. However, the program is designed differently. Here, 60 credits are also required, but the core requirements are 20 credits along with 29 electives.
  • Bachelor of ScienceThis is a more extensive study program that is designed to provide a solid academic foundation for entry to high-level professional careers in the private, public and government sector. This program requires students to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours that includes lower-level and higher-level courses in addition to 25 credits.

FNU: Helping You Count Your Options!

In addition to Accounting, FNU’s academic catalog offers certified and degreed programs in Business, Computers, Criminal Justice, Dental Technology, Education, Nursing, Health Administration, Legal Studies, Physical Therapist Assistant and more. To start your education in Accounting or any of our other exemplary academic programs, start the application process with FNU today and contact us online now.