Ways to Stay Sane During Your First Semester

Ways to Stay Sane During Your First SemesterIt’s safe to say that the fall semester is in full swing across the country. The onslaught of a new college career can be mentally overwhelming and exhausting for many individuals. For those students who are officially in the midst of your very first semester, follow these tips to keep your head above water:

  1. Organize

One of the first things students should do is gain and practice organizational skills. Remember, there is no such thing as being too organized. Students, especially incoming freshman, need to learn organizational skills quickly to efficiently tackle a heavy course load. Balancing school, a social life, sports, and more, early on in the game is one of the best ways to get a head start on success. It can help lower stress, and therefore some bouts of anxiety and depression as well!

  1. Relax

Beginning college for the first time can be scary and stressful. That is why it is important for students to take time to relax. That doesn’t mean students should be lazy and host a personal rerun marathon with the newest Netflix release, but it does mean that individuals should take the time for a mental health break while studying or on their day off! We highly urge students to take their mental health very seriously.

  1. Ease Your Nerves

Starting school triggers anxiety in many new students. Whether one is dealing with a bad roommate, having difficulty learning finances, or simply feeling homesick, there are several tricks to staying calm, cool, and collected throughout the first semester (and beyond).

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  1. Find Your Place

Don’t just go to school and leave each day—find your place! The mistake that students across the nation make (especially commuters) is going to school, finishing a day’s worth of work, and leaving. The problem with that scenario is that these students are missing out on the abundant offerings of college life! Students should join the clubs that catch their eye, participate in sports they are interested in, meet others around campus, and form study groups. Whatever it is that students enjoy, they should continue to pursue it at their university.

  1. On That Note, Seriously Form a Study Group

One might be surprised by the numerous ways a regular study group session can boost one’s confidence while solidifying a better grade! Understanding how a study group can benefit students can truly open up their eyes to the idea of forming and maintaining one.

  1. Make Friends

It makes a huge difference! Friends at school will not heal one’s heart from feeling homesick, but it will empower and motivate one to enjoy where they are and to seize the moment! Meet others in class, join campus clubs, and participate in sports—these are all great ways to meet new friends.

  1. Know Your Role

Some students feel competitive in the classroom. While it can be intimidating to be shown up by the same person daily, keep in mind that each student is reaching for the same goals! Don’t be intimidated by other students that seem smart or talented. Rather, let this be motivation to strive for success! There will always be someone that is better than you at something, but your goal is not to beat them—it’s to do your best.

  1. Do Not Take Responsibilities Too Lightly

We get it; we know: college is the first time young adults are out on their own. Keep in mind, however, that with such freedom comes great responsibility. We highly advise that students do not waste their first semester by slacking off. This is not high school, and classes are harder at the university level. Students that could slide by without studying and previously can no longer take that chance.

Also, there is something important to consider: an individual’s journey toward higher education is no longer anyone else’s responsibility; it is his or hers, alone. Don’t waste the time and money invested into the first semester by ruining chances.

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FNU: Reaching Out to Students Daily

Florida National University (FNU) wants to see each and every student succeed. Whether an online student or a student that attends classes on campus, we hope to see you do your best—that is why we go out of our way to offer resources such as this. We want to walk students through any difficulties they face during their educational career with us. Follow these tips to keep your mental health in check, and you will be smooth sailing throughout the rest of the semester! Good luck!

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