Winner of the Student Handbook Scavenger Hunt

[The Office of Student services delayed the publication of this story, hoping the Hialeah winner would stop by to collect the prize. Since the individual has failed to return our calls, a new winner will be drawn.]

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Noel Perez: South Campus Winner!
Throughout the month of October, the student services department ran a fun activity for the student body in the Training Center, Hialeah, and South Campus. The Halloween Scavenger Hunt encouraged students to read the Student Handbook and become more aware of the institution’s guidelines and procedures.

All students could participate by answering a short questionnaire with key information in the Handbook. Once they had the information, they returned their forms and received a delicious bag of goodies as well as a chance to participate in a raffle at the end of month for a $ 25 gift certificate to Target stores.
Students’ participation was really satisfactory and the Office of Student Services is happy to announce the winners who not only received their “trick or treat” bags but also received gift cards to selected stores.