Women’s tennis suffers seventh loss of 2023

FNU women's tennis final graphic. (03-20-23)
FNU women’s tennis final graphic. (03-20-23)


AVE MARIA, Fla. (March 20, 2023)Florida National University’s women’s tennis team dropped a 6-1 Monday afternoon match versus the No. 15 Gyrenes of Ave Maria University. FNU struggled to get the opening point in doubles play and got its lone point in the contest off a solid individual performance from Fabiola Bsereni

In doubles play, FNU dropped two out of three matches as Conquistador duo Paulina Jankuh and Emerald Cooke won their match 6-2. The singles portion of the contest saw FNU drop five of six matches, as Bsereni was awarded the win after Aethielle Kelkboom retired in the second set with the score favoring Bsereni 7-6, 3-3.

Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Karyna Krykunenko / Pirada Suwanruk fall to Lara Teodoro / Vitoria Barandas (0-6)

Number two:

Vanessa Simone / Simone Sierra fall to Andrea Rodriguez Oria / Valentine Colin (4-6)

Number three: 

Paulina Jankuh / Emerald Cooke defeated Aethielle Kelkboom / Regina Ruiz (6-2)


Singles Competition: 

Simone Sierra falls to Lara Teodoro (0-4, 4-6)

Vanessa Simone falls to Valentine Colin (1-6, 0-6)

Pirada Suwanruk falls to Andrea Rodriguez Oria (6-2, 2-6, 0-6)

Nadia Abad falls to Vitoria Barandas (2-6, 0-6)

Karyna Krykunenko falls to Regina Ruiz (1-6, 2-6)

Fabiola Bsereni versus Aethielle Kelkboom (7-6, 3-3) Retired 


Match Notes:

FNU record: (0-7)

AMU record (3-5)

Up Next: FNU tennis host Warner University on March 27 at 12 p.m


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