Work In Progress

a work in progress, text, cartoon
by shivanie16
What does the word Perfect mean in your world?
It means something different to everyone, perfect body, perfect family, perfect relationship, perfect blah blah and the list goes on…Wake up!! Honestly NOTHING is ever going to be perfect no matter how much we want it to be.
Why do we come down on ourselves so hard when things don’t go as planned? It’s the idea that what we hoped for didn’t happen the way we expected it to, pure disappointment that’s all.
Be Courageous first and foremost, and realize that striving for perfection makes us crazy! Just strive to be Authentically YOU and don’t let your need to be perfect stop you from doing AMAZING things in your life NOW!
I’ve made up my mind that I am Already Perfect at this moment in time and I am just going to accept that I am a WORK IN PROGRESS and will continue to remind myself that what is meant for me will come into my world when I am PERFECTLY ready for it. Life is not perfect, we are all not perfect and as much as we want to deny it we ALL have some work to do!
Get to work my friends!
Shivanie Ramnath is the Educational Liaison for Young Women’s Social Entrepreneurs the Miami Chapter and a strong advocate of continuous self improvement through education at Florida National University. For more information about Young Women Social Entrepreneurs contact Makeda Meeks at Student Services or visit the website.