What to Do If You’re Undecided About Which Program to Enroll in at FNU


What to Do If You’re Undecided About Which Program to Enroll in at FNUIf you happen to be undecided about which degree program to enroll in at Florida National University (FNU), you’re not alone. So, don’t be discouraged, and don’t let this be an excuse to put off enrolling either. It’s perfectly fine to enroll as an undecided major. The important thing is to get the admission application started because college enrollments can be quite a process especially if you are an international student.

Undecided? That’s OK, Enroll Now. The Sooner, The Better

You can spend anywhere from 2-6 years in college, so the sooner you start, the better. One thing is certain though: At FNU, you won’t be undecided for long. The faculty and administrative staff will advise you and help you determine which degree program to enroll in. But in the meantime, we’ll see to it that you’re enrolled in basic core course that will be applicable to the degree programs that will best suit your interests.

How FNU Helps You Decide!

Whether you’re enrolled as a part-time, full-time, or online student, we can arrange it so that your academic schedule still meets your interests. First, we’ll conduct a thorough interview with you and examine your transcripts to review which subjects you demonstrate a stronger academic grade point average in. We’ll also take your personal hobbies into consideration and access how well these interests will fit into one of our degree programs.

The Choice Will Ultimately Be Yours

While FNU will advise and recommend which degree program might best suit your academic goals, the decision is ultimately up to you. And again, if you’re unable to make that decision, you’re more than welcome to enroll as undecided, but we’re confident that you’ll be on an academic track sooner than later because we also give you the tools to help you decide.

Deciding Between the School of Art or Science?

It’s all about perspective. Most schools are typically separated into schools of arts and science. One way of deciding which degree program to choose is simply figuring out which school of thought appeals to you more. The only way to do that is by understanding what the school of arts and the school of science are about.

  • The School of Arts

For FNU, you’ll find that degree programs under the school of arts will lean more toward liberal arts. Subjects like history, cultural studies, humanities, language studies, linguistics, and the art of just socializing will all fall under the school of arts. If you consider yourself a right-brainer, one who considers him or herself more creative, then programs under the school of arts’ curriculum are something you should strongly consider.

FNU offers the following degree programs in the school of arts:

FNU Bachelor of Arts Degree Program

FNU Associates of Arts Degree Programs


Legal Studies



Associate of Arts Degree



Business Administration



Criminal Justice






Paralegal Studies


  • The School of Science

The type of degree programs that you’ll find in the school of science is going to be more left-brain related, courses that are more focused on calculation and logical thinking. FNU has a plethora of degree programs under this curriculum. Here, you’ll find applied sciences curriculum. You’ll even find some social science courses under the bachelor’s degree program to bring about a balance in your academic studies.

Here are the degree programs that FNU offers under the school of science:

FNU Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

FNU Associates of Arts Degree Programs





Business Administration


Computer Information Technology

Criminal Justice


Dental Laboratory Technology
Natural Sciences Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology



Medical Laboratory Technology



Networking Systems Administrator

Respiratory Therapy



Physical Therapist Assistant



Radiologic Technology


Respiratory Therapy

You’ll also discover that most of these degree programs are offered in both the school of arts and the school of science. For instance, you have the option of earning an Accounting degree in the school of arts and sciences—choose from two associates in science or art, or just commit to the Bachelor of Science.

For Instance…

There are a number of ways you can go with this degree depending on your areas of interests as well as your professional goals. If you don’t consider yourself a left-brainer but would still like to gain some solid accounting skills, then you can enroll in FNU’s Associate of Arts in Accounting program. The difference between the two is that with the associate in arts, your course curriculum has more general requirements with approximately 23 credits of core requirements mainly in the Principles of Accounting, Microeconomics, Ethics & Social Responsibility, Income Tax Accounting, and Business Law. Your associate’s degree in science has the same core requirements, but the general course requirements are swapped for more accounting electives—approximately 29 credits hours of them to be exact, making it a more intensive accounting curriculum.

This is just one of the examples of understanding the differences between the school of arts and the school of sciences. To get a better understanding, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with an FNU advisor who will better explain in depth how our regionally accredited university’s curriculum can suit your academic needs.

Browse all of the degree programs that our university has to offer here.

Still Undecided?

At FNU, we’re confident that you won’t be undecided for long. We will use all of our resources to make sure that every class you’re enrolled in has the purpose of working towards earning a degree. We care about our students and we want to make sure that you graduate with a degree that you genuinely have an interest in. Another benefit that our university offers is the convenience of taking online courses. Start off by taking one class or go all in full-time! With our academic advisors and faculty members on hand, you’ll be sure to find the degree program you want to study.

Contact an FNU representative today and schedule an appointment at any one of our campuses in Miami or Hialeah. If you’re interested in taking online courses, we can certainly assist you with the enrollment process. We look forward to speaking to you today!