2 Master’s Degrees Worth Pursuing in 2018

2 Master's Degrees Worth Pursuing in 2018When it comes to mastering your college education, there are a variety of different paths that can be taken. However, the team at Florida National University would like to provide you with the top 2 master’s degree programs that stand out for 2018.

As a regionally accredited university, we have the option to offer a long list of master-level degree programs. However, we’ve decided to offer the master degree programs that we believe will provide our students with more professional opportunities in a variety of industries and roles.

Masters Degrees that Provide Broader Career Choices

With the type of master degrees that Florida National University (FNU) offers, you’ll have the flexibility to work in a wide variety of professions.

With most masters degree, you’re focusing on a specific line of work and you’ll have very little wiggle room to change your profession if for some reason you want to change careers. For instance, those who want to become a doctor, study to do just that. If they decided to choose another profession, they might have to restart their academic career. The bottom line is that if you’re looking to pursue a master’s degree, then it’s safe to say that you must be quite adamant about what type of career you’re looking to pursue.

Here are the top 2 master degree programs that FNU believes are definitely worth pursuing in the 2018 New Year:

  1. Business Administration

    A master’s degree in Business Administration also referred to as an MBA, can open many doors of opportunity for a new graduate as well as professionals who are already in the workforce. Having the privilege to place the letters, “M.B.A.” behind your name not only makes you look good on paper, it also gives you the credibility of an expert. A degree in this field opens your professional endeavors to a wide array of career choices.

Here is a short list of jobs that may pay you more with a master’s degree:

    • Accountant

      If you earned your undergraduate’s degree in accounting, and you’re looking to master your skills in this area while broadening your skillset, the MBA track is the way to go. You’ll have a strong background in accounting that supplements business administration practices that are important in these types of professions. With an FNU master’s degree, you’ll also have the option to select Accounting as a concentration.

    • Manager

      With an MBA, you can be the manager of almost any organization. It can be sales, financial, marketing, purchasing manager—whatever the profession calls for because you’ll have the skillset to execute analyzing, problem-solving, and of course managing a department, the processes, and the people.

    • C-Level Executive

      An MBA provides you with the knowledge, the basic fundamentals and concepts of what it takes to run a business. Whether you have endeavors of becoming an entrepreneur or working for a corporation, an MBA will provide you with the education. An MBA degree could help you achieve the role of a chief executive officer, a chief operating officer, or a chief financial officer.

    • Project Manager

      Companies who are looking for a project manager will definitely look at a candidate who has an MBA over someone who doesn’t. If you’re looking to enhance your career as a project manager or aspire to become one, then you can choose to select the General Management concentration. If you’re interested in working in the public sector, then perhaps you might want to consider concentrating in Public Management and Leadership. The choice is yours.

  1. Health Services Administration

There are two academic ways you can go when pursuing a career in Health Services Administration (HSA) with FNU. You can either pursue an MBA with a concentration in HSA or you can pursue a full master’s degree in HSA.

FNU’s Master’s in HSA is a 36-credit hour program that’s designed to provide professionals with the knowledge to improve efficiency and quality when it comes to administering healthcare services. This degree program is more in-depth in terms of planning directing and coordinating health and medical services.

These are the type of careers you can apply for with this type of degree:

    • Administrative Services Manager

      The role as a Healthcare Administrative Services Manager might be the more obvious career route to go, as the degree is tailor-made for such a position. In this job, you’ll essentially be responsible for maintaining the facilities of a healthcare environment as well as supervising day-to-day operations.
    • Human Resource Manager

      As a Human Resource Manager in the healthcare industry, you’ll be responsible for recruiting, hiring and managing personnel. With a master’s degree in HSA, you’ll have developed a niche in managing, directing, and organizing the employees that make up a healthcare staff.
    • Purchasing Managers

    • In order for a healthcare facility to operate like a well-oiled engine, the staff and employees must have the proper tools and equipment to do their job. The Purchasing Manager is responsible for buying all of the necessary tools needed to ensure that everything is bought under budget.

      • 2 Master's Degrees Worth Pursuing in 2018

Florida National University: Providing the Best Master Degrees

When it comes to choosing the right kind master’s degree for you, an MBA and MHSA will offer you a wide range of career opportunities. FNU also offers a Master of Science in Nursing for those who are looking for a more hands-on approach to helping people in the healthcare industry.

These online degrees can also be completed 100% online. If you need financial assistance, our Financial Aid Department can help you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to determine what other kinds of Pell Grants and scholarships you might qualify for.

There’s only one way to find out and that’s contacting an FNU advisor today!