4 Tips for International Students That Want to Study in the US

International flags hung outside a balcony Entering a new country, social atmosphere, culture, and climate can be shocking at first, which is why preparation is always recommended. However, international students also face another trial when entering their studies: an entirely new educational system that differs from the one they grew up learning in.

Students who want to study in the United States need to be fully prepared—mentally, emotionally, financially, and with the appropriate forms and documents. The following are tips that will help international students prepare for their studies in the United States.

  1. Get Your Visas on Time

International students must push through several phases in order to attain the visas needed from the government and their university in order to study in the United States. Because there are so many steps involved, students need to reach out to the right mentors and should follow the right advice in order to obtain their visas without difficulty.

Students hoping to obtain the proper visas should review this article that explains the visa’s a student will need to acquire. However, students should not rely on a piece of literature alone. It is critical to get involved with a professional—whether a personal mentor or a representative from a university—who has a firm understanding of what is required.

  1. Be Prepared for a New Way of Living

Being in a new place for the first time—and being there alone, especially—can feel quite frustrating. International students might feel irritated by the culture and the new practices, and they may even feel “stuck” at their new school, but this is normal and will subside with time. According to USA Today, “Culture shock is a legitimate phenomenon and slightly inevitable when moving to a new part of the world, but it’s also a completely natural human reaction and not something students should worry over,” he says (Source: USA Today).

It’s not a good idea to pack up and leave the moment one feels frustrated. Students are advised to stick it out, make it over the hurdle, and to move on from there. Once one becomes acclimated to a new way of thinking and living, they will begin to tolerate and then even enjoy their new experience. It’s not a lengthy process for most students—but toughing it out is the key action in this situation.

  1. Start Saving Up Now

College is an investment to your future that is not easy for many students to come by—and it requires a financial investment as well. It is never too early to start saving money for college, especially when it comes to studying abroad.

International students are bound to face additional charges than local students, such as the price of room and board, the cost of the flight to the United States, and more.

The following are some tips to enable international students to begin saving for their investment of studying in the United States.

  • Know the Cost of Your School’s Application Fee
  • Know the Price of Your Program’s Tuition
  • Ask Advice to Determine the Price of Books and Materials for Your Classes
  • Find a University that Does Not Charge You Extra

The unfortunate truth is that several universities tag on an additional fee for students hoping to learn abroad in the US. However, Florida National University made the distinct decision to support the efforts of international students by foregoing additional fees. Rather, FNU’s international students pay the same price as local students in tuition and fees.

  1. Design a Long-Term Personal Plan

Be aware that a student visa does not enable an individual to remain in the United States long after graduation. To stay, students will need to obtain a worker’s visa or a sponsorship from a company they are working for. What happens when one’s student visa expires? It’s critical to have a plan for this scenario to refrain from illegally remaining in the country.

Choosing FNU

Be aware that there are a lot of reasons why international students choose to complete their education through FNU. An advocate for international students—and headquartered in the U.S. epicenter of multicultural groups—FNU wants to see students from all over the world obtain a quality education from an accredited university.

Consider these other reasons to choose FNU as your number one school.

We would like you to note the list does not encompass all requirements an international student might face. Always speak with an advisor, mentor or advocate from a professional association (whether educational or governmental) who is fully prepared to assist you in preparing for this big step.

Review our international students’ page and apply to FNU today! Contact us with any questions or concerns—because we are here to help you turn the knob on your life’s path and open doors to the future.