5 Jobs a Marketing and Sales Degree Can Help You Land

Even with the national unemployment rate at 50-year lows, prospective college students in South Florida are still faced with the question of what major they should pursue. In late 2017, the United States Department of Education published the results of a survey indicating that one-third of American college students switch their majors before their expected degree completion period of four years. If anything, a dynamic labor market is bound to create more indecision for students who wish to ensure that their degrees will help them get a good job soon after graduation.

Not all university degrees are as versatile as the job marketplace. Think, for example, about mechanical engineers who specialize in combustion devices; their job prospects are being reduced because of rising trends in clean energy projects. A similar situation would be faced by someone who graduates with a degree in the theater arts at a time when ticket sales are dwindling. A career trajectory does not have to narrow itself to a degree; however, some college majors offer more options than others, and this is clearly the case with marketing and sales.

According to a data research study published by business social network LinkedIn, marketing is the second most versatile degree earned by American college students. What this means is that marketing majors are able to pivot their degrees into more than one occupation; this resembles the situation for business administration major who can fill more positions other than just becoming managers.

Current State of the Marketing Profession

Marketing specialists are known to use clever and catchy words to promote products, services, and situations; to this effect, an adjective they would use to describe the current potential of their expertise would be “booming.” The Warholian theory of everyone having at least 15 minutes of fame has become a desired way of life. Being able to reach and influence audiences have become an intricate and massive industry.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10 percent growth rate for marketing and sales managers over the next seven years, which represents a greater demand when compared to the average growth rate of all other occupations. In terms of annual salaries, they range between $55,000 and $208,000, keeping in mind that the latter is for the top 10 percent of earners. These figures are for marketing managers being paid exempt salaries without commissions; it is important to remember that the earnings of sales managers are often driven by revenue volumes, bonuses, and incentives.

The bottom line of marketing and sales professionals is that they are always in the minds of company owners and executives. Even those businesses that seem to miraculously enjoy constant patronage and attention will at some point consider establishing a stronger presence in the marketplace. Whenever business revenue is not up to par, executives and top managers look towards their marketing and sales departments to work their magic.

What You Can Do With a Marketing Degree

Let’s look at five jobs you can land with a marketing and sales degree. To learn about even more occupations you can pursue with this degree, contact an admissions counselor from Florida National University.

Sales Representative

Many marketing students do not see themselves joining a sales department upon graduation, but they change their minds once they realize the high demand and earning potential of this position. Sales jobs for marketing degree holders are different than the typical listings you see on internet job boards such as CareerBuilder.com; we are talking about more involved positions that require engagement with customers who could be netting companies thousands of dollars every month, typically on a business-to-business level.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Traditional advertising and promotional outlets such as radio, television, billboards, and print publications are not exactly dying, but they are becoming stale when compared to their digital counterparts. Marketing graduates are more likely to see job openings for digital marketing specialists these days, and the top-paying positions are for applicants who can perform SEO services, design strategic campaigns across social networks, and can execute online digital advertising campaigns.

Market Research Analyst

Research and investigation are part of your upper-level marketing and sales courses at FNU. Should you decide to make marketing research your specialty, you can expect solid demand for your skills. Marketing research analysts determine business opportunity and potential, which means that promotional campaigns will be designed based on your investigation and recommendations.

E-Commerce Specialist

The unstoppable growth of Amazon in recent years means that e-commerce is the new way of conducting retail business. E-commerce success is more complicated than most people think; quite a few brick-and-mortar brands have found this out the hard way, but they will continue to pursue success in this sector guided by the work of e-commerce specialists and strategists.

Media Buyer

We all know that beer brands are major television advertisers, an expensive medium, but they rarely purchase commercial spots without a sound strategy; instead, they rely on media buyers to negotiate national and international opportunities beyond airtime costs. Media buyers are in charge of procuring the best deals for brands; one example would be the 2018 contract between the Miami Dolphins and MSC Cruises. What media buyers accomplish is more than just purchases; they forge valuable partnerships.

Getting Started With Your Marketing and Sales Career

FNU admissions counselors will be happy to answer your questions about forging a career in marketing. We are a fully accredited regional university that offers financial assistance and scholarships to qualified students. If you are currently working, you should know that FNU allows you to complete your Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Sales degree online, and we also provide you with course flexibility so that you can balance work and family obligations. One more thing: you will be able to gain marketing and sales experience through our internship program before you graduate and enter the workplace.