5 Types Of Continuing Education Diplomas

woman reading a bookAs of May 2019, the unemployment rate in the United States stood at a historically low 3.6 percent, undoubtedly a positive macroeconomic factor, but things were not as rosy for the American workforce. The economic recovery of the U.S. has been uneven for many households, and this can be expected from a capitalist system fueled by a consumer society. The reality for many workers, particularly in the South Florida region, is that their income is not climbing at the same rate as the cost of living.

According to a 2019 survey conducted by real estate leasing site HotPads, the cost of living in the Miami area has risen to levels that challenge the median wages of many professionals. To alleviate this economic disparity, some residents of South Florida try to resolve this problem by working two jobs, not the most ideal solution for some households because of the resulting work-life imbalance. Seeking higher wages is always a smarter solution, and this is when it helps to have a deeper understanding of the unemployment rate.

In the U.S., unemployment is largely cyclical, but it can also be frictional. The former is tied to gross domestic product and is expected in dynamic economies; the latter is more desirable because it suggests that workers are pivoting their careers, which means that they are seeking more fulfilling jobs or chasing higher salaries. One of the best ways to pivot your career is by pursuing continuing education diplomas such as the ones offered by Florida National University.

Expand Your Career Horizons With Continuing Education Diplomas

Continuing education has a few meanings; in the context of pivoting your career and improving your employment prospects, it means to get ahead through academic efforts. Let’s say you got a job at a pipe fitting factory right out of high school; you notice that the company is expanding and continuing to hire, but salaries seem to be stagnant for machine operators. If you only had enough AutoCAD skills, you could move from the factory floor to the office and make more money working alongside engineers.

Workers with high school diplomas are hardly the only ones who can benefit from continuing education. Some college graduates who want to quickly transition into another career field can do so through a diploma program. If your Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree is not covering your monthly bills, you could complete a Clinical Echocardiography program to boost your salary.

With the above in mind, here are five interesting diploma and certificate programs offered by FNU:

Basic X-Ray Technician

This diploma will allow you to take the State of Florida Licensure Examination for x-ray machine operations, and it may pique your interest in a future Associate of Science degree in Radiologic Technology, a career field where you could earn about $50,000 per year on average. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this field will grow at a rate of 14 percent between now and the year 2026, which suggests strong job demand. When you consider that South Florida is known to employ quite a few healthcare professionals, this diploma could increase your job opportunities.

Computer Office Specialist

person typing computer codeThe advent of cloud computing and next-generation broadband technologies has only managed to increase demand for office specialists who are well-versed in information technology. With office automation on the rise, employers are looking for personnel who familiar with word processing, web programming, database management, and spreadsheet operations. FNU’s Computer Program is highly recommended for high school graduates who may not have been trained in modern office computer applications. At FNU, this career education program can be fully completed online, and you may qualify for financial aid; to learn more, get in touch with our admissions counselors.

Clinical Echocardiography

This is a career-ready program that combines theoretical learning and more than 800 hours of clinical practice to prepare for a rewarding healthcare job. In terms of physiology, the heart is one of the most complex and fascinating vital organs. One in every four deaths in the U.S. is attributed to heart conditions; early diagnosis is truly vital in terms of improving the lives of cardiac patients, and echocardiography has become a preferred diagnostic method in this regard.

Legal Secretary

Has the U.S. devolved into a Kafkaesque legal system ruled by too many laws? Perhaps, but policy observers believe that turning back the clock is not an option, and this provides an opportunity for individuals who wish to fast-track their entry to the legal field. With a forecast job growth estimated to reach 15 percent from now until the year 2026, legal secretaries and paralegals will likely find plenty of job openings, some of them offering handsome salaries at major law firms with upscale client portfolios. It should be noted that the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami established a Complex Business Litigation Division in 2006, and it did not take long for its docket to fill up. If you enjoy research, organization, and reasoning, this career field can be an attractive pivot.

Dental Laboratory Technician

FNU offers three dental laboratory programs:

Unlike the dental assistant and dental hygienist careers, dental laboratory technology is a field that does not call for intensive patient contact. Dental lab technicians craft prostheses devices for patients who want to be able to smile again, thus making this career path ideal for people who understand the importance and magic of the human smile.

Whether you are looking to pivot your career or gain an edge in the job market after finishing high school, a continuing education diploma from FNU can help you enter the workplace. FNU is a fully accredited private university with two campus locations in South Florida; we are proud to provide both academics and athletics in addition to community engagement and vibrant student activities. Contact our admissions advisers today to get more information about our career-ready programs.