6 Degrees in the Health Field to Start a Better Career in Miami


A female nurse holding a clipboard in her handDo you currently live or plan to move to the Miami area and want to begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry?

Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university with campuses throughout the South Florida area offers an impressive catalog of degree programs that can help jumpstart your healthcare career.

  1. Health Services Administration

FNU offers two kinds of degrees for Health Services Administration (HSA): a bachelors of science and master’s degree. The associates takes two years. The bachelors can take at least four years to complete, and you can earn your master’s degree in approximately one year. The degrees in this program will focus on how to manage all aspects of healthcare in order to provide proficient services.

Graduates with an HSA degree will be able to work within the healthcare field in departments such as accounting, human resources, facility management, marketing, sales, and even manage the information technology department. While the healthcare sector is another industry on its own, and you can certainly get a degree that specializes in any of mentioned departments, having a college degree that shows you have a general understanding of the healthcare industry will certainly increase your chances of landing a job in this field.

  1. Nursing

For Nursing, FNU offers three different degrees: An Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science (BSN), and a master’s degree. The purpose of FNU’s Nursing programs is to educate students in various areas of health assessment, nursing theories and concepts. This profession is a hands-on practice that provides healthcare assistance to patients by aiding physicians and following up to administer medication and dietary needs.

All of FNU’s Nursing degree programs have an intense curriculum that prepares students to meet the multiple demands such a position has. Life-altering emergencies can happen simultaneously and a nurse needs to be able to prioritize his or her responsibilities in a split second. The Nursing curriculum also prepares students to take the NCLEX exam.

  1. Respiratory Therapy

You can also earn a Bachelors and Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy at FNU. This degree provides students with the knowledge and skills to become part of a specialized team in respiratory care, anesthesiology or pulmonary rehab, pulmonary diagnostics, home health care, nursing homes and hospital facilities.

The Respiratory Assistant plays a critical role in caring for patients of all ages. Students will be equipped to handle patients who are in need of humidity and aerosol therapies as well as other breathing treatments. The Respiratory Therapy degree program at FNU has obtained credentials from the National Board of Respiratory Care. With this well-rounded degree program, students will also be able to enhance their supervisory skills empowering them to be leaders in this particular area of expertise.

  1. Medical Assistant Technology

The Associate of Science in Medical Assistant Technology is an associate’s program that teaches students the skills of assisting healthcare professionals in administrative and clinical settings. With this associate’s degree, graduates will be able to apply to healthcare positions in hospitals, clinics, medical labs, and diagnostic centers. The Medical Assistant Technology degree is a great way to start your career in the health industry because it is applicable to many different sectors of healthcare. Whether you choose to pursue a degree as a Registered Nurse or in healthcare administration, the Medical Assistant Technology will apply to both.

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology

If you are interested in learning more about the sonography profession, then you might want to consider earning the Associate of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology. This degree will also prepare you to work as an accomplished healthcare technician. Today, sonography is just as standard as x-rays as it allows physicians to thoroughly evaluate patients and give the proper diagnosis and treatment. With this associate’s degree, graduates can work in specialized areas like adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, and breast sonography.

  1. Physical Therapist Assistant

The role of a Physical Therapist Assistant involves helping patients rehabilitate from strenuous events that caused a significant impact on their body. Physical Therapist Assistants must be knowledgeable in anatomy, patient care treatment, and know how to properly teach other caregivers how to assist in a patient’s a healthy recovery. The Physical Therapist Assistant program rewards graduates with an Associate of Science degree equipping them with the necessary tools to become exceptional healthcare practitioners.

  1. Psychology

Psychology is also another healthcare degree that you can earn. Focused more on the cognitive health of a patient, the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology serves as another alternative to caring for the well being of people. This degree program will educate FNU students about the human mind and behavior. Graduates with this degree can also work in the rehabilitation sector of the healthcare industry. But, this degree has also proven to be quite diverse. Read “Things to Consider If You Want to Get Your Bachelor’s in Psychology” here to learn about other ways you can apply your degree in Psychology.

A Little More About FNU

FNU’s healthcare degree programs are designed to provide students with enough clinical hours that will give them the experience they need in the professional field to succeed. These required clinical hours help them transition from a student to an experienced healthcare professional.

FNU’s main campus is located in Hialeah with another in Miami along with an Online and Training Center. Our campuses are also close to major highways for easy commutes.

Contact an FNU advisor to learn more about other degree programs we have and to start the enrollment process as soon as possible!