Associate of Arts in Education

FNU tutor helping a studentThere are few careers as personally fulfilling or as important to the future as one in Education. Within the field of Education there are many different paths to pursue, depending on the academic level where one will teach and even the subject that one will teach. While the paths may be different for each specialty, one of the most advisable beginnings is an Associate of Arts in Education.

Florida National University (FNU) has designed the AA in Education for those who intend to continue on and pursue a four-year degree in Education. Providing training and a general background in education, the AA includes many of the courses that will be required for all educators, regardless of their eventual specialty. While fulfilling the core requirements of the first two years of a four-year degree, FNU’s AA in Education program also provides an educational base and hands-on practical training.

Florida National University offers a respected Education program that will prepare students for a bachelor’s degree program and ultimately their careers in education.


Value of an Associate of Art Degree

As the costs of tuition across the country stay on the rise, achieving a four-year degree has become increasingly difficult and expensive. One of the most popular methods, recommended by teachers on sites like and is to acquire an Associate’s degree prior to enrolling in a four year-program. This path allows prospective educators to complete a large portion of their education without accruing the level of debt needed for a four-year program. Getting an AA degree is quickly becoming the preferred path toward a four-year degree. Research has found that AA degree holders consistently have higher graduation rates than those who enroll directly into a four-year program.

Florida National University offers an Associate of Arts in Education degree entirely online, opening options to many who had not previously considered getting a degree a possibility. The ability to take the courses on one’s own schedule is not just convenient, but essential for many students. The demands of a family, full time job, or other responsibilities should not get in the way of achieving one’s potential and life expectations. At FNU, the flexibility provided through the online format allows students from all over the world access to higher education.

Make a Difference in Students Lives

With an Associate of Arts in Education degree, you can learn how to become an effective teacher, leader, and mentor. Not only do you gain the skills needed to teach and develop courses, but you also learn about the resources necessary to educate, motivate, and inspire your students.

With an Associate of Arts in Education degree, you complete classes in curriculum development, instructional design, classroom management, and educational psychology. You also gain hands-on experience with student teaching, learning labs, and workshops. An AA degree can open the door to career opportunities, making it an excellent choice for making a difference in students’ lives.

Florida National University

Florida National University offers exciting opportunities to complete an Associates Degree in Education in a fully accredited online program. Located in South Florida, FNU is a renowned and respected institution that offers online degrees. Opening up opportunities for those whose are not able to attend a physical campus, FNU is proud to provide options for those who have been previously under-served.

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