How to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Online

How to Get a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting OnlineIf you have the desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, but lack the time to commit to a traditional academic schedule, then you should consider taking classes online. Because there are so many online degree courses available, Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university based in the South Florida area, would like to guide you through the process of finding the right online Accounting degree program in 6 simple steps:

  1. Do Your Research!

This first step is extremely important. U.S. News reported that approximately 5.8 million students have been enrolled in at least one online college course. That means that there are plenty of online degree programs to choose from. In order to ensure that you’re enrolled in the right degree program, you may have to dig a little deeper to learn about the institution that is offering the online program.

  1. Balance the Right Degree Program with the Right University

While the option of an online program frees up any geographical restrictions, it’s still important to make sure that the university is an upstanding educational institution. There are many higher learning institutions that are completely online without a brick and mortar institution. For students who are looking to take online courses and traditional in-class courses, this is something you need to consider when choosing the right online Accounting degree program.

Advantage of an Online Program at a Brick and Mortar University

Furthermore, brick and mortar institutions might have more credibility when it comes to contributing to its community. Brick and mortar institutions have a stronger presence and impact on its community because of the staff, faculty, administrators and most importantly, the students. They have an improved impact on the economy and make the town/city—and even the region thrive. People remember this; especially professionals, and this can make a significant impact on FNU graduates who are applying to jobs anywhere in the country. Hiring companies will recognize and appreciate where you’ve earned your college education and that might be the deciding factor to whether or not you’ll be selected for the job!

  1. Understand the Importance of Accreditation

To make sure that you’re knowledgeable to work in a variety of business disciplines and have a more intuitive understanding of accounting functions, you need to get your degree from a university that can guarantee a quality education. When it comes to managing a balance sheet to ensure your company is operating efficiently, you need to be confident that you’ve received the best education possible. Accounting is not a career that you can cut corners with. Your numbers must add up and oftentimes, you don’t have the luxury of being one cent off which is why you need to attend an accredited university.

FNU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). We have the authority to award associate, bachelor, and masters degrees that meet their guidelines and approval. Our university is also listed in the Classification of Colleges and Universities of the Carnegie Foundation.

Through FNU, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an online degree in Accounting at the associate of arts, science, and bachelor’s level.

To learn the difference between an Associate of Arts in Accounting, Associate of Science in Accounting, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, read, “Ways an Accounting Degree is Great for Your Future” here.

  1. Reach out to an Alumni or University RepresentativeHow to Get a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Online

One way to know for sure if the online accounting degree you’re considering is the right fit for you is to interview a university alum or representative. Whether you’re living in close proximity or across the country, prepare a list of questions to ask, then just pick up the phone and call to speak with an admissions representative.

If you’re looking for an unbiased opinion, go on LinkedIn and find an FNU alum. Inbox them with just one or two questions. Don’t bombard their inbox with too many questions, because you might not get an answer. Not everyone is in the mood to write, especially if they are using their mobile devices. If you live near any of the campuses, just show up and ask for a tour! Any university should be happy to give you one!

  1. Tell Your Supervisor that You’re Enrolling in Online Courses

If you are a working professional, it’s recommended that you inform your boss and/or supervisor that you’re enrolling in an online Accounting degree program. Many companies are looking for employees who are driven to improve their skillset and be of more value to their business. In fact, some companies might even be able to assist you with financial aid. It might be worth speaking to the Human Resource Department at your company and ask if they offer a Tuition Reimbursement incentive. Whatever the outcome, just make sure that you let your job know about your educational endeavors.

  1. Be Sure to Have an Updated Computer and Operating System

Another important step is to make sure that you have an up-to-date computer and operating system that can handle your online coursework. The last thing you need is for your computer to crash in the middle of an assignment or exam. You’ll also want to make sure that you are prepared to manage your time efficiently. Read, “The Best Online Accounting Degree Program in South Florida” to get a better understanding of some of the challenges of online studying here.

There’s no better time than the present to start taking online Accounting courses. Contact an FNU representative to get the enrollment process started and to discuss possible financial aid assistance today!