Barbados Native Completes FNU’s Respiratory Therapy Review Program

Ms. Kimberley Cumberbatch, a native from Barbados, recently completed a Respiratory Therapy review program at Florida National University (FNU). In this article, she shares her experiences as an international student and attending Florida National University.

Kimberley Cumberbatch with her mom
FNU Kimberley Cumberbatch with her mom enjoying a Conquistador game

I am an international student from Barbados in the Caribbean enrolled at Florida National University in a first time ever Respiratory Therapy review program. The review was designed for Respiratory Therapists who have been out of the profession for some time and require a refresher in both didactics and clinical exposure before re-entering the field. I am a qualified RT, but for the past five years I have been employed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados as a Cardiac Technician. Respiratory

Therapy is a new profession to Barbados and refreshing my studies is just the start of the journey to build the profession at home. I believe the review was successful and adequately prepared me to resume working in my profession.

My experience at FNU was wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The warm greeting by all the staff immediately made me feel welcomed and a part of a family, and it was very comforting. When travelling internationally to pursue studies or work it is always reassuring to find somewhere that is hospitable and that is the atmosphere I found. I felt as though I had found a second home at FNU. My interaction with the students was also great and overall I found persons who were always willing to assist me however they could to settle into my life here over that last four months.

As a small and growing university I believe that the future of FNU is bright and blossoming with great potential. The quality of the classes was excellent and I found the professors to be very personable and available to assist even above and beyond their expected duties. I do believe that a long lasting

FNU Student Kimberley Cumberbatch
Ms. Cumberbatch helped present prizes during an FNU Conquistador game

affiliation has been created between FNU and my hospital, and there is great potential for others to come to FNU for training not only in Respiratory Therapy but in other fields of study. The international market has a wealth of prospects that can be tapped into starting with the relationship that has been forged between FNU and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados. I am extremely grateful for the great experience I had at FNU and I am very appreciative to all those who made it possible and made my time there as wonderful as it was.


If you wish to study in the United States as an international student, please visit our International Students web page. It contains all the information you need to come to the United States as a Florida National University student.