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Get Started with These 10 Business Management Software Platforms.

Do you want your employees to love working for you? Make their lives easier and help them focus on what they love by taking advantage of business management software. Plenty of tools exist to maximize productivity such as, Netsuite, Proofhub and many others. These tools take care of mundane tasks, giving your employees the time to be more productive than ever.

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What to Look for in Business Management Software

It is easy to get lost in the lengthy descriptions of software platforms. Among the countless features listed, which ones matter the most? The following descriptions focus on the important features. Keep an eye out for software tools focusing on:

  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Marketing
  • Workflows
  • Communication

Management Tools for Businesses

  1. ai

Expand the space on your desk with this amazing workflow platform. allows you to create multiple workspaces for individual department organizations or multi-department collaborations. Your employees will love the workflow customization options.

  1. Netsuite

Have all your business needs in one place. Need a Customer Relation Management (CRM) that is intuitive to customer needs? Want to convert currency and translate languages to work with international partners? Netsuite does all these things. Customize this software to make it a perfect fit for your needs.


3. ProofHub

ProofHub makes collaboration easier than ever. Everyone on your team can understand and improve this software’s beautiful charts and tables. This platform’s progress trackers and daily agenda let you know the status of each of your employees.

  1. Asana

Asana offers solutions for all your business needs. Your marketing team will be more efficient than ever with this platform’s campaign tracking and planning. Back-end employees will make operations even smoother with Asana’s task prioritization. To top everything off, you will be able to keep track of every employees’ growth.

  1. Timely

Say goodbye to falling behind. Timely automated time tracking gets rid of the hassle so that your employees can focus on their work. It does not stop there; this platform also takes care of project and team time management.

  1. Atlassian Jira

Never be overwhelmed by massive projects again. Atlassian Jira breaks down behemoth projects into chunks everyone can manage. Your team will be on the same page thanks to this software’s project roadmaps and helpful insights.

  1. Connecteam

The power of this platform is in the name. Companies in every industry, from construction to healthcare, love how easy Connecteam makes collaboration. This is the ultimate Human Resources (HR) platform, simplifying everything from training to time tracking.

  1. Flodesk

Emails. Pretty boring, right?

Not with Flodesk! This software creates museum-worthy emails that catch the eyes of both customers and employees. These emails are more than beautiful, they are informative, strategic, and draw attention to your company.

  1. Trello

Say hello to Trello, a board-focused platform that industry leaders trust. The software’s remote work solutions take your company to today’s workplace. Trello makes every aspect of product management easier, from coding to tracking.

  1. Odoo

Odoo focuses on the user experience. That means intuitive finance management, CRM, and HR solutions. Your employees will appreciate the comprehensive approach of this software’s solutions.

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