Edwin Perez A Florida National University Student Success Story

Edwin Perez A Student Success Story
Edwin Perez -Florida National University Student and Student Services staff member

My name is Edwin E. Perez. Since 2012, I have been enrolled, and I have been working at Florida National University (FNU). My journey with FNU began in September of 2008 when I was a freshman in high school and I enrolled, along with some of my fellow classmates, in a program called Upward Bound or “UPB” which was sponsored by FNU.

This program helped us succeed in many ways since we had the opportunity to have very intellectual, college-level mentors who guided us through the right path while we were still in high school., Almost all of them were members of the Staff or Faculty at FNU. When I graduated from high school, I had the blessing of receiving a UBP scholarship Therefore; I started college right away in the summer of 2012 to working on my B.S. in Business Administration.

After I started school, I was hired by FNU’s Office of Student Services on December 2012 as a college work, and now I am working as a staff member at FNU I can tell you that since I have been involved with FNU for more than four years now it is a university with limitless opportunities. Florida National University can help you prepare for a bright future. I can personally attest to this as you can see, being a student and employee of Florida National University has been a very enriching and rewarding experience for me.