Why You Should Consider Enrolling in a Nursing Program for the Fall Semester Right Now

Why You Should Consider Enrolling in a Nursing Program for the Fall Semester Right NowEven though the fall semester is well underway, it’s still not too late to enroll into a nursing program at Florida National University (FNU). Many students think that they’ll have to wait until the spring semester once the fall semester starts, but this isn’t entirely true. If you’re looking for a good nursing program to enroll in, and you want to start classes right away, then what you should consider are online options.

FNU offers three kinds of nursing degree programs online: A Bachelor of Science, and two masters—Nursing and RN to MSN.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

FNU’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing is specifically designed to prepare students to become professional nurses.

The students need 120 credit hours to complete the program. This curriculum includes a series of courses that will educate students in the area of health assessment, nursing theories, research, leadership, informatics, and promoting good health across different kinds of healthcare settings.

Master’s Degree in Nursing

FNU offers two types of master degree programs in Nursing: Nursing (MSN) and RN to MSN (MSN). The MSN builds off the BSN degree program. With the MSN program, students will focus on more advanced nursing courses while concentrating on a specific industry within the healthcare field. For instance, students will have the choice to master in either one of the following areas:

  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Leadership and Management
  • Family Nurse Practitioner

The RN to MSN’s curriculum is a little different.

This master degree program is designed to teach students who are already working in the healthcare industry as a nurse. Chances are they already earned their BSN and may have worked a couple of years or more as a Registered Nurse looking to advance their career. So, RN to MSN students can apply their professional experience toward earning their master’s degree. Even with actual experience, the RN to MSN requires more credit hours than the MSN to complete as far as the advanced nursing fundamental courses are concerned.

Technology is ever changing and most of these advancements will be found in the latest educational textbooks. So, as a Registered Nurse, if you haven’t received any continuing education, then the best career move is to enroll in a RN to MSN degree program.

With the RN to MSN program, you’ll still have the same concentration choices as the MSN.

The Opportunity to Take Virtual Online Courses

The greatest benefit to enrolling in some of FNU nursing degree programs is that you have the option to take most of your courses online! So, if you’re aspiring to work a rewarding career as a professional nurse, but think you missed the opportunity to start working on your degree now, you’re wrong. Should you decide to take the track of enrolling in one of our virtual nursing degree programs, you can start classes sooner than you think!

Benefits of Taking Online Courses

Read all about the Pros and Cons of Taking Online College Classes here. Even though there are cons—as there are to almost everything, the overall benefits of taking online classes has changed the way we’ve come to look at earning a college degree.

Admission Requirements

While you have the flexibility to take classes a little late in the year, it’s still worth mentioning the sooner you enroll, the better. Here’s why there’s such an urgency to enroll in a nursing program:

Job Opportunities

Sometimes, you have to strike when the iron’s hot! The faster you complete your nursing degree, the quicker you’ll be able to jump on some job opportunities. That is not to say that there won’t be any jobs in the future. On the contrary, the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a 16% growth between 2014 and 2024. Some people might think that this might be due to illness, but that is not the case. Because of advancing technology of medical care, people have been able to live longer.

The projected job growth is actually due to the increasing aging population. And unfortunately, older people tend to need more medical care. In addition to the aging population, The Affordable Healthcare Act has equipped many Americans with health insurance. This has increased a physician’s load of patients which also leads to an increasing demand for healthcare workers all around.

To learn about the admission process for FNU’s BSN program visit the official webpage here.

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