Why You Should Establish Working Relationships with Your University Professors

Man giving presentation to an audienceProfessors are the very foundation of your education. Without someone to teach you about the subject you’re interested in, how can you be expected to successfully work in it? The professors at Florida National University (FNU) have years of experience working in their area of expertise and want to help aspiring students just like you realize their dreams of working in their dream job.

Getting the Most Out of Your College Education

College should be more than just attending class, taking notes, completing assignments and turning them in. At FNU, all of our professors have real-life experience teaching the subjects that they are qualified to lecture in. As an aspiring professional, we encourage you to get the most out of your education by establishing a good working relationship with your university professors.

How College Professors Benefit Your Academic Career

College professors are most valuable to a student’s academic career not only because they are key to teaching the fundamentals of a subject, but also because they most likely have professional contacts in the industry. This is very important for students looking to pursue a formidable career in their area of interest. Many college graduates have moved on in life and still keep a working relationship with their professors. For some students, their professors have become colleagues, and others have become friends.

The Benefits of Sharing the Same Interests

There’s just something about sharing the same passion for a particular subject or line of work. Developing working relationships with your professor based on this can be the difference between getting a promotion, landing a job, or perhaps getting accepted into grad school.

Remember, professors were once students just like you. They remember how it felt to be a college student and they are here to help you. It’s really in everyone’s best interest that you pass your college class with flying colors because if you look good, so does the university, and if the university looks good, that only ensures that the educational institution will continue to be around for years to come. Who knows, you might find yourself working as a professor yourself, helping students just like you learn and understand their coursework!

Be the Type of Student Your Professor Will Be Proud to Recommend

However, it’s so much more than just paying it forward. The reason you’re in college is so that you can learn about a certain profession in order to land the job of your dreams. If you are being taught by industry professionals, then it only makes sense to not only do your absolute best so that you can become an exceptional student, so that you can become an exceptional applicant that will hopefully turn you into an exceptional professional, but you also want to be the type of person who your professor can proudly recommend.

The Best Way to Get a Great Letter of Recommendation

You have to remember that professors teach hundreds of students a semester. So, it’s most likely that they are bombarded with several requests to write letters of recommendations. If you want your letter of recommendation to stand out above the rest, then you need to perform your academic career as such. Professors seldom forget their stand-out students. And as a student, establishing a relationship with professors early on may even encourage them to speak highly of you to their colleagues, which in turn may open up doors of opportunity for you academically and professionally.

Other Advantages of Establishing a Working Relationship with Your Professor

Professionally speaking, it’s highly likely that your professors know of a job or intern position that might be available. While having an exceptional resume is also a plus for getting a job or internship, it’s even better if you have someone to vet for you. Employers are most likely going to hire someone based on the recommendation of someone they know and trust.

Be Sincere

As you’re establishing professional relationships with your professors, it’s highly recommended that you are genuine in your approach. Start with a subject you have an interest in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your major either. Chances are if you’re passionate about the subject, you’ll have a better footing on establishing a genuine working relationship with your professor. College professors will talk amongst other colleagues about the students who show potential. It can even be said that college professors actually like students like this, that it’s one of the reasons why they chose to teach in the first place—to help curious-minded individuals realize his or her academic capabilities.

You’ll be surprised at exactly how much you can learn from a university professor. At the very least, you will get exactly what you’re looking for inside an FNU classroom—a quality education from a regionally accredited university with additional certificates and accolades in the healthcare industry.

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Establishing a Working Relationship with Your Online Professor

Additionally, FNU offers online degree programs that you can take 100% online with virtual classes. With the online option, you’ll have the opportunity to learn anywhere on or off campus. With our virtual programs at FNU, you will still have the opportunity to develop a working relationship with our professors. As an FNU online student, you will have as much access to your professor as if you attended any one of our campuses in Hialeah or Miami.

To view a full list of our online degree programs, visit our online learning programs here.

FNU: A University with Professors Who Care

FNU is one of the best universities in South Florida to attend. In addition to our academic faculty with real-life experience, we also have two campuses in Miami and Hialeah and an online learning and training center with state-of-the-art equipment to help you develop your skills and talents on campus so that you can seamlessly transition to the professional job of your dreams. Contact us today to talk to an FNU advisor about your possibilities as a future college student.