Fastest Way to Improve Your English at a University in Miami

Fastest Way to Improve Your English at a University in MiamiLearning another language often means more than just taking classes, although it helps a lot. Taking classes may be considered the basics to get you started learning the fundamentals. One shouldn’t expect to become fluent in English just from taking a few classes, it takes applying what you’ve learned. Just like your own native tongue, it takes years of practice and engaging in conversations to master a language. If your native tongue is Spanish and you are looking to improve your English, then attending a university in Miami is going to be most beneficial to achieving this goal.

Finding the Right University to Improve Your English-Speaking Skills

If English is your second language, you absolutely cannot go wrong going to school anywhere in the United States really, but finding a university in Miami will be most helpful because the city is such a diversely populated area with many cultures coming from the Caribbean and South America. As a result, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the South Florida area.

Florida National University (FNU) is located in the northwest area of Miami-Dade County with two campus locations in Hialeah and Miami. This diverse university has proven success stories from bilingual students who have graduated and gone on to work rewarding careers, speaking better English than they did when they originally enrolled.

Practice makes perfect. This may be referred to as an old cliché, but it’s true!

The question then begs, How do I practice my English-speaking skills?

As an enrolled student of FNU, you’re halfway there!

Here are some of the ways you can improve your English-speaking skills by the time you graduate from FNU with your degree:

  • Take ESL Classes

While taking classes might be considered the starting point to learning the English language, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t necessary. Even if you took ESL classes in high school or independently, it is absolutely crucial to take an ESL as a college student. There are too many grammar rules that you need to master once you become comfortable with the English language. Once you become a professional, you’ll need to have a better understanding of communicating general business terms.

FNU’s ESL Classes

FNU offers three tiers of ESL classes that are based on your own level of fluency. Each of these certificate programs provide training in the language areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

  • Get an English-Speaking Study Partner

When you’re working with someone who may only speak English, you have no other choice but to communicate with that person in the language he or she can understand. This may be challenging and even uncomfortable at first, but it’s completely normal to feel this way. Learning a new language is tough, but FNU is here to make your experience a little easier.

  • Improve Your Listening Skills

Simply attending any FNU class will do this for you. While FNU does offer some courses in Spanish, the majority of our classes are taught in English. You’ll be able to improve your listening skills just by hearing your professor lecture.

  • Sharpen Your Reading Skills

FNU is a regionally accredited educational institution that is dedicated to providing you with the best education available. With such an accreditation comes a certain standard that allows us to provide you with a full curriculum that’s designed to offer the best education possible. As a result, our course syllabus requires an extensive amount of reading and studying in class and independently. We are confident that you’ll have a better understanding of the English language this way as well.

  • Join an Academic Club or Campus Sport

Being social is another effective way to improve your English and put what you’ve learned in our ESL classes to the test. Placing yourself in a casual setting may very well alleviate any anxiety of trying to communicate in another language. Furthermore, joining a club or a sport will give you a common ground to bond with fellow peers. You’ll be more likely to understand the lingo of the sport or academic club than focusing on the language itself.

  • Practice Independently

There’s no shame in turning your English comprehension skills into homework. Teach yourself a new vocabulary. Learn new terms and phrases. Use online tools and apps that are available through your smartphone. When you’re off campus, try ordering food in English, at a restaurant or when shopping. Even between classes when you’re at the cafeteria conducting small talk and greeting strangers as you pass by, greet them with an English salutation.In your leisure time, watch television shows in English. As an FNU student, we especially recommend reading our university blog. You’ll not only improve your English comprehension skills, you’ll also learn about your university and gain academic advice.

FNU: The Best School to Improve Your English-Speaking Skills

FNU is really the best school to consider if English is your second language and you wish to improve on it. You’ll be in an environment where you can exercise your bilingual skills and earn a quality education.

If you’re interested in what type of degree programs FNU has to offer, visit our webpage that lists our degree and certificate programs here. Contact one of our FNU online advisors to learn more about enrolling in any of these programs today.