Where to Find a Great Computer Networking Degree Program in South Florida [Video]

Choosing a career in computer networking will certainly open more doors of opportunity to your future. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth from 2014 to 2024 for information technology workers. This percentage is actually expected to increase. It’s due to the high demand for IT professionals who attribute to the support and advancement of technology on mobile devices that are perpetually improving on a frequent basis.

Another Reason Why the IT Industry is Advancing

In addition to the advancement in software mobile devices, the need for IT professionals is ever increasing due to its usefulness in other industries. The healthcare industry, in particular can greatly benefit from tracking patient records better. Keeping digital records is far more efficient because it allows all of the medical staff to have access to updated information. It also cuts down on the cost and postal delivery of copying and transferring records.

Cloud Computing

Perhaps what might be the most beneficial contribution to the IT industry is cloud computing. Because of cloud computing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an estimated growth of 31% by the year 2024. The business of cloud computing requires more IT professionals to manage the massive amount of data stored.

Many small to medium-sized businesses are beginning to appreciate the savings they can accrue with cloud computing services. They don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to upgrade their server or even pay for the space because everything is stored in the cloud. Furthermore, cloud computing allows businesses to be mobile. Professionals can access files and other data from their phone, from home, or from anywhere in the world!

The Need for a Skilled Professional to Manage it All

As a result, the need for a networking systems administrator is ever present. Computer networks may very well be the most critical part of any business organization big or small, and someone needs to be able to manage it. Any business that utilizes a large number of computers needs to be able to link them altogether in order to run a better operation. The networking systems administrator can do this.

Job Responsibilities

The job duties of a network computer administrator requires overseeing the daily operations of all of the networks that are connected to local and wide area networks, intranets and other related systems

It takes more than knowing your way around a network to be a great systems administrator. You first need to get the right kind of education. While there are many tech certificates that can teach you the basics of computer networking, a degree from an regionally accredited university can provide you with an enriched education that will prepare you to become a trained and skilled professional.

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The Associates of Science Networking Systems Administrator degree offered at Florida National University (FNU) offers an impressive curriculum that will prepare you for success inside and outside of the classroom. Through our associate’s program, you’ll learn how to master time management through a rigorous syllabus of well-thought-out projects that enforces problem-solving skills you can carry into the workforce.

This type of profession also calls for strong interpersonal skills that can only be practiced inside of a classroom. Network administrators must communicate with people on a frequent basis. Having great communication skills that include listening and conveying a detailed-oriented message is key for administrators. Above all, you’ll learn to build on the foundation of designing, installing, configuring, and supporting a computer network in almost any industry no matter what kind of system the company uses. Through the basic fundamentals that FNU’s degree program teaches, you’ll be equipped to adapt and change with any new technology that’s added to almost any networking system.

FNU teaches you how to manage networking systems for today’s business as well as for the future. With this degree, you’ll be eligible to apply to entry-level IT jobs in administrative or support services, education, insurance, finance working as a computer programmer, administrator, systems manager, web or software developer.

The Pay

The Bureau also reports an estimated annual salary for network and computer systems administrators at approximately $79,700. Computer occupations in general are estimated at $82,860. However, the overall projection for all computer networking jobs in the United States economy is projected at $37,040. These numbers may appear to have a great range, but you need to take into consideration that the annual salary may vary depending on where you’re located in the country, what size company you’re working for as well as the industry.

Like They Say, “Location, Location, Location!”

If you’re interested in earning the highest salary possible in this industry, then you might have a better chance of moving to a larger city that has the potential of offering the most opportunities verses a small town that may only have a few.

FNU is located in the heart of Hialeah, Florida. For over two decades, our university has been the home for students who are looking to broaden their future. It’s the perfect place to earn your college degree in the South Florida area. Freshmen, Yuliet Betencourt, Andres llerena and Nathalie Diaz have all expressed how pleased they have been with FNU as first year students.

“I was just very impressed with the staff and the administration, how welcoming they are, the diversity in the school, everything that they had to offer was amazing and just couldn’t think of any campus to choose over FNU.” Betencourt said.

“I heard a bunch of great things about [FNU].” Diaz said. “I love the programs they offer and the time I can finish them is very convenient.”

“I spoke with an advisor and felt right away that I was part of this university.” Llerena said.

Enroll Today!

Florida National University’s Networking Systems degree will provide you with the ability to plan, establish, maintain, and support computer networks. Graduates of this program will be able to deal with correcting networking issues for both small and large businesses across the world.

Start the enrollment process for your Associate of Science Networking Systems Administrator degree today. Our advisors are at your assistance.