Flexible MBA Program for Professionals in Miami

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The city of Miami is a thriving metropolitan area with a growing rate of employment. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment in the Miami area was reported at 2,483,400 in September 2015—up 2.3% from the previous year, and this doesn’t include farming jobs. The Bureau further reported that “in the Miami metropolitan area, the professional and business services supersector had the largest employment increase.”

With such an employment increase in Miami, more people are doing what they can to take advantage of these job opportunities. As a professional pursuing a higher paying position in the business sector, experience may not always be enough to qualify for a position. More employers these days are seeking job applicants with educational experience.

In a fast-paced city like Miami, there might be very few employers who want to provide on-the-job training to new employees. They are looking for applicants that not only have the experience, but the professional know-how to manage and execute several tasks on a daily basis while having the capacity to take on more responsibilities at any given moment. The only thing that can assure employers of this is if the applicant has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

What an MBA Degree Can Do for You

Having an MBA says to your potential employer that you have acquired knowledge and skills that can be applied to any type of high-level position, from analytical, marketing, human resource management, and the like. MBA programs equip students to acquire important business skillsets like leadership, general management, money management, employee relations, and marketing.

Is it Necessary for Professionals to Pursue an MBA?

Professionals in Miami who are already on the right career track toward a high-paying position and don’t have an MBA might want to consider investing in one. More people are going to college to pursue a higher degree of education. As a result, professional employers nowadays expect applicants to have a certain level of education.

It used to be that high school diplomas were the minimum requirement, but with so many colleges and universities on the rise, most employers expect no less than a certificate earned from a higher institution. For professionals wishing to climb the corporate ladder to become CEO or operate their own business, you may to have to earn more than a college certificate.

Complete Your Degree In One Year

While most MBA programs typically last for approximately two years, Florida National University’s (FNU) MBA program can be completed in one year. This is a great opportunity for working professionals to earn a quality master’s degree in a short amount of time, thus upgrading their academic credentials and their chance for professional advancement.

More About FNU’s MBA Program

FNU’s MBA program has a total of 36 credit hours for students to complete in order to graduate. There are 24 credit hours of core courses. Each course has a total of 3 credit hours in the following courses:

  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Legal, Ethical, and Social Values of Business
  • Business Modeling
  • Applied Managerial Finance
  • Entrepreneurial and Strategic Thinking
  • Management Practices for the 21st Century
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Dynamics

In addition to the core courses, the MBA program requires 9 credit hours of concentration courses that also includes a 3 credit capstone for some. Here are the following concentrations:

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Health Services Administration (3 credit capstone hours)
  • Public Management & Leadership (3 credit capstone hours)

For a full list of courses offered in each concentration, visit FNU’s MBA webpage here.

Earn Your Degree from an Accredited Institution

There are many colleges and universities where you can earn a master’s degree in Miami, but not all of these institutions are fully accredited. FNU is an accredited university by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). SACSCOC, takes educational institutions under a thorough examination of their academic standards to determine if the school meets the principle standards of accreditation.

According to the SACSCOC, “the purpose of the review is to examine whether current standards are rigorous, relevant, and appropriate indicators of quality for SACSCOC institutions.”

Having the Opportunity to Complete Your Degree Online

With FNU, you’ll also have the opportunity to complete your degree 100% online. This is a major benefit for professionals who are already working and wish to further their academic career. FNU’s online MBA program offers students the flexibility to study anywhere outside of campus, whether it’s in the comfort of their own home, on the beautiful sandy beaches of Miami Beach, or even during their lunch break while working.

FNU’s online MBA program gives students the freedom to manage their own academic career, and create their own study schedule that will work around the demands of their current job. Furthermore, FNU’s online MBA programs has a stellar academic staff that is always available to students should they have any questions about their assignments.

Finding the Best School to Earn Your MBA

Going to college in Miami might be considered a luxury for some students. With great weather throughout the year, FNU students have the opportunity to take advantage of all that South Florida has to offer. Read The Advantages of Going to College in Miami, Florida here to learn more about the benefits of college living in Florida.

Ready to Get Your MBA?

If you are interested in earning your MBA in one year, contact FNU’s admissions office today and get the enrollment process started now!