Florida National University Welcomes International Students from Colombia

Jhon Duque and Angie Tabares
International students Jhon Duque and Angie Tabares

In March of 2014, two young Colombian students boarded a plane from the Department (state) of Quindío, a state in Colombia, and a third student from the Bogotá, Colombia. Their final destination was Florida National University (FNU) located in Hialeah, FL. Their objective was to study English under FNU’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Jhon and Angie in the FNU Computer Lab
Jhon and Angie in the FNU Computer Lab

The students are Ms. Angie Tabares from Armenia, Mr. Jhon Duque from Montenegro, and Mr. Juan Diego from Bogotá, Colombia. They came to study in the United States under a scholarship awarded by Florida National University. The students were selected by the Fundación Armando El Futuro organization.

According to its website, “the mission of Fundación Armando el Futuro is to provide support to institutions that dedicate themselves to both rural and urban social community development programs. It generates effective solutions that contribute to their strengthening and growth dependent upon their individual needs.”

The students plan to finish their studies in October of 2014. Once they complete their studies, the students plan on

Angie and Jhon studying English as a Second Language.
Angie and Jhon studying English as a Second Language.

returning to Colombia and pursue their educational goals. Angie plans on studying Interior Design; and Jhon will be working on obtaining a degree in Networking and Computer Science. Juan plans to continue his studies in Electronic Engineering.

Angie, Jhon, and Juan are anxious to experience the many different cultural experiences that Hialeah and South Florida have to offer. If you would like to invite them on a tour of our beautiful state or welcome them into your home, please contact Ms. Rommy Saavedra, International Relations Officer and International Student Club Officer at internationalstudentclub@fnu.edu

Please help make Angie, Jhon, and Juan and our entire International Students feel welcomed by giving them a big, loud “BIENVENIDOS”!