How FNU Offers to Help Students Get Jobs After Graduation


How FNU Offers to Help Students Get Jobs After GraduationFor a student, nothing can be more elating than walking across the stage to accept his/her college degree. All of the years of sacrifice, studying late nights—sleepless nights even—the hard work, and determination is finally being officially recognized by family, friends, faculty, administration and distinguished guests. It is a milestone that certainly deserves to be celebrated.

Yet, after all of the excitement dies down, the reality of life-after-college sets in. For some new graduates, that can be absolutely terrifying!

Now it’s time to grow up!

The career as a college student has come to an end and the time for job hunting is underway!

At Florida National University (FNU), we understand that the time for job hunting comes well before graduation. That’s why we design all of our academic programs in a fashion that not only teaches and instructs students about the fundamentals of their specific area of academic interest, we also help prepare them for a professional career outside of the classroom.

FNU Has Professors with Real-Life Experience

FNU classes are taught by professors with real-life experience in their area of expertise. Our faculty is comprised of Ph.D.’s, lawyers, and master graduates who have committed years of work and research to their respected field of study, and they bring this into the classroom.

The faculty at FNU brings actual fieldwork experience into the classroom combining it with traditional textbook studies. The need for learning the textbook fundamentals in your area of academic interest is equally important as understanding how to apply them to real-life situations. FNU professors can help you do this.

FNU is Accountable by Accreditation

While some schools may design their curriculum as a 100% hands-on learning experience, FNU believes in order to advance in your career, it’s crucial to learn the basic fundamentals of your major in order to excel and advance. That’s why our university is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Through this accreditation, our university is accountable for designing all of our degree programs with six core values that exemplify integrity, continuous quality improvement, accountability, transparency, self-regulation, and most importantly, student learning.

All of FNU’s degree programs must meet the approval of peers from surrounding accredited colleges serving as a “premier model for shaping and ensuring the quality of higher education.” This intense amount of vetting is guaranteed to equip FNU students for success inside and outside of the classroom.

Other Ways FNU Helps Prepare Students for Work

Aside from incorporating real-life skills into the classroom, FNU also helps prepare students for jobs with our basic courses like English Composition and Fundamentals of Oral Communication. Exercises that involve communicating professionally whether it’s composing a resume or speaking at an interview all come into play when it’s time to find the job of your dreams.

Many graduates may think that because they’ve earned their college degree that the hard work stops there. Many graduates are also under the misconception that once they’ve collected their college degree, the job opportunities will start rolling in. Nothing can be further from the truth.

How FNU Offers to Help Students Get Jobs After GraduationGraduating from One Responsibility to Another

Once you’ve graduated from college, you’ve now become a freshman of life!

Now, another level of study, dedication, and commitment is required in order to find your dream job, and then once you find it, you’ll become a sophomore of learning the job—meaning you’ll need to apply what you’ve learned in college toward your actual job. Next, you’ll become a junior—at this stage in your career, you’ll probably be quite comfortable enough to improve on existing processes and making the job better—possibly becoming a more valuable employee. Then there’s the senior level of your career. At this point, you’ll realize one thing: something has changed in your industry and in order for you to remain a valuable employee, you’re going to need some continuing education.

Education never stops!

For FNU graduates, this won’t come as a surprise! As students are celebrating the milestone of graduating with their college degree, our faculty and administrators are always thinking of ways to improve our curriculum to help you continue your education in the years to come. FNU is dedicated to helping you prepare for job-hunting whether it’s right after graduation or later in life.

FNU’s Job Placement Department

The Job Placement Department at FNU is committed to helping our graduates land the job of their dreams. Ideally, we’d like to see all of our students find a job before they even graduate. That’s why we typically organize our job fairs in the month of December, giving students plenty of time to apply for jobs while they finish their college career.

FNU’s Job Fair

FNU alumna Noralina Almora used to be skeptical about job fairs until she landed a job as a Registered Nurse in the Orthopedic/Neurological Surgery department at Jackson Memorial North. Almora stated that she thought job fairs were just about handing in resumes, and never to be heard from again, but now she realizes first hand how useful they can be for soon-to-be graduates.

Other Resources FNU Offers

As the graduation season passes by, some students will be well on their way to starting new jobs. Others may still be tapping away at their computer searching for one. In addition to job fairs, our university provides the necessary resources to help you find the career of your dreams. Read our article, “Resources for College Grads Looking for Jobs in South Florida” here.

The time for graduation can be a scary time, but it doesn’t have to be. As an FNU student, you’ll be equipped with right training and resources to help you find the ideal job. Contact an FNU advisor to find out how you can become an FNU graduate today! We also have a financial aid office to help you apply for federal aid and other applicable scholarships to help you afford your education.