The Master of Forensic Psychology program will provide students with the professional education needed to function at the finest level in a variety of forensic settings where psychology is used including courts, law enforcement, criminal justice, national security offices, prisons, social services agencies, child welfare agencies, and treatment facilities.




Credit Hours
CCJ 5618 Criminal Psychology 3
CCJ 5654 Substance Abuse and the Offender 3
CCJ 6665 Victimology 3
CJL 6521 Courts and Society 3
CLP 5165 Psychopathology 3
CLP 5375 Research Design and Methods in Clinical Psychology 3
CLP 6395 Forensic Psychology 3
CLP 6430 Clinical Psychological Assessment 3
PCO 6057 Psychology of Counseling 3
SOP 5225 Introduction to Group Behavior 3
SYO 5416 Stress and Mental Health 3
PSY 6000 Capstone Project 3
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