MBA Online Master Program in Miami, Florida

MBA Online Master Program There are a number of options available for students who wish to pursue a graduate-level education. One increasingly popular option is earning a Masters degree through an online program. If you are based in or around Miami, Florida, Florida National University (FNU) could be a great fit for you. FNU offers a Master of Business Administration degree that can be your key to career advancement in a wide range of professional fields. Many MBA graduates find that the skills, networks, and credibility they gain through having achieved an MBA gives them an enormous advantage in the job market – and increased earning potential for the rest of their careers.

The Master of Business Administration Degree


The benefits of earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are numerous. In a broad variety of industries it is increasingly desirable to obtain this degree in order to professionally advance. Consider just a few of the benefits of earning an MBA degree.

Concrete Business Expertise and Managerial Skills. An MBA program provides you with expanded managerial skills that render your leadership techniques and your work itself more effective. These skills include the essentials for handling common situations related to management issues, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Through MBA studies, you gain not only the key skills necessary to fill a managerial role but also the ability to effectively carry out the duties of your job and, by extension, the mission of your organization. Moreover, whether you are an experienced professional or a young graduate with little or no work experience, having an MBA on your resume gives you an added advantage.

Leadership Training Relevant to Many Fields. An MBA program prepares graduates to be highly qualified leaders, whether they pursue careers in the private or public sector. The specialized abilities and leadership qualities gained through achieving an MBA degree give you a distinct competitive advantage over other candidates for a job or colleagues competing for a position. Given a selection of similar candidates without an MBA on their CVs, many leading business organizations prefer to hire candidates with MBAs for top management positions.

Strong Entrepreneurial Skills. From start to finish, an MBA program is an exercise in improving your business skills and savvy. An MBA provides you with a concrete skill set that is in high demand. This is, in effect, a practical hands-on training for dealing with business problems in the real work world. Whatever avenue you choose after graduation, you can put these skills to use for an employer or as an independent entrepreneur running your own successful company.

Improved Employment Prospects Even in a Challenging Economy. An MBA degree requires a combination of elective and specialized courses specifically designed to give students the ability to handle complex business situations. Having an MBA degree assures that you have transferable skills along with the capacity to handle complex situations that come up in tough economic times. This knowledge can markedly improve your value to the company and thereby help preserve your job in the organization. Bottom line: the demand for MBA graduates remains high even during recessions.

Business Connections and Networking Opportunities. As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” that is of key importance. Many of the people you meet in an MBA program may prove to be valuable professional contacts down the line. Consider this: everyone you meet is a potential client or employer. This means that establishing friendly – yet professional – relations during an academic program can mean having an established network of business contacts and referrals later in your career.

Quickly Advance Your Career. Having an MBA degree helps you climb up the corporate ladder quickly. Often simply having an MBA can translate into being considered for promotions – and the higher salaries that accompany the job. MBA graduates with specialized skills or knowledge are frequently entrusted with leading start-up companies, informed about business opportunities, or promoted over colleagues and candidates who do not have MBA skills.

Earning Your Masters Degree Online – The Flexible Option for Educational Advancement


Whether you are a busy professional, parent, or simply prefer a flexible schedule, earning your MBA online could be a great option for you. You may be already employed or have other constraints on your time. Perhaps you are an older or other non-traditional student, a single or stay-at-home parent. Any of these personal and professional responsibilities may prevent you from attending more traditional degree programs – which makes an online education a practical choice for succeeding in your MBA course of study.

It may be that you have family responsibilities, such as children or an older parent to take care of. If so, an online degree allows you to custom-fit your education to work around your priorities while still allowing you to advance toward a brighter future and higher earning potential. Another benefit: an online degree program allows you a more student-centered teaching approach. Every person has a preferred learning style and study habits, so an online program can offer you the flexibility you need.

If you are already on the career path and are planning to be employed throughout your graduate studies, then online classes can allow you do that. In addition, as an online student, you can study whenever you have computer and internet access. The effort and commitment is yours – but with an online degree, you have the flexibility as to how and when you study – a key consideration for busy people with busy lives.

Earning an MBA degree through Florida National University


Florida National University (FNU) offers an accredited online MBA program. This MBA is designed to provide students who have already earned a Bachelors degree with an opportunity to continue their education at the graduate level and then go on to expanded career possibilities. The online MBA is also an excellent choice for students with work experience who wish to enhance their career prospects through higher-level education in Business Administration. The program allows students to focus on one of five concentrations: General Management, Finance, and Marketing. Each individual course also reinforces the student’s knowledge and skills in two areas important to employers: 1) Communications and 2) Problem Identification, Analysis, and Solving.

Earn an Online Degree – An Investment in Your Future


An investment in your education is an investment into your job possibilities, your career satisfaction, and your long-term earning potential. Investing in your education is ultimately an investment in yourself – and there is no better moment than now. Contact FNU’s academic advisers today to find out more about what an online MBA can do for you!