Meet Ms. Luz Essraowi Recent MBA Graduate from Florida National University

Liz Essraowi - FNU MBA GraduateWhere were you born?

I was born in Puerto Rico, but I grew in Newark, New Jersey.

Did you go to high school in Miami? If yes, which high school did you graduate from?

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to High School due to family circumstances; however, I completed my GED in Olympic Heights in Boca Raton, Florida in 2006.

You majored in business administration? Why did you choose this major?

I chose this field because of my extensive background in HR management throughout my career in industries such as, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Business administration will broaden my opportunities for growth in my career ladder.

You earned your Bachelors and MBA from Florida National University (FNU). Why did you choose FNU?

I chose Florida National University because it was easy for me to work full time as well as earn a degree. Although other universities offer similar programs, I found the staff to be more of a family style setting. I was not a number, I was an individual. For me it was scary to begin college for the first time. However, the staff and faculty at FNU made me feel comfortable and helped me every step of the way. That is why I could not have chosen another school to complete my program; it had to be Florida National University.

You recently earned an MBA from FNU. Which course did you find most challenging? Which course did you find easy?

The courses that were most challenging for me were Applied Managerial Finance II and the Capstone MBA. The course that I found the least challenging (none were easy) were Management Practices for the 21st Century and Human Resources Management.

Is there a specific professor you wish to recognize?

Absolutely, there are two: Dr. Bullen and Dr. Gonzalez. These professors were and are perfect role models to follow. They work you to the bone, but they are with you every step of the way. The words “fail” or “I can’t” are not in their vocabulary. These professors were my guiding light throughout my education at Florida National University.

Aside from the academic courses the MBA program at FNU offers, it also offers soft skills such as presentational skills and learning how to use GoToMeeting and other online services. Do you think you will be able to use these in your professional life?

Absolutely, these tools are invaluable to any student in order to work smarter not harder in their current or future jobs.

Were there any personal challenges you had to overcome while working on your MBA?

Yes, as an HR Manager, I had a very demanding job. I could not worry about getting sick, there was a must for me to be at work and there was definitively a must for me to show up for class and finish my assignments on a timely manner.

There were many times where I cried and thought to myself, “I can’t go on.” Giving up was not an option for me. Getting less than an “A” was not an option for me either, so I had to do what I needed to do to fulfill my goal.

So, I attended school full time –and had excellent attendance; I worked full time- long hours at work; furthermore, I opened up a photography company that was very demanding as well.

All of these were challenges, but not impossible to overcome.

Right after earning your MBA, you applied for a position with another company as an HR Director. Do you think that earning an MBA had any influence in the hiring decision? If yes, how you think it influenced the decision?

Of course, earning my MBA definitively influenced the company’s decision to hire me. They are rapidly growing and having me with an MBA means that the potential is twofold. Meaning, I have opportunities for growth within the company and they will have an employee with longevity.

How do you think having an MBA will benefit your new employer?

The MBA will allow me to help my employer by being flexible in departmental needs. If they need help in the accounting department, operations department, sales department, or any other department, I have the knowledge to jump in without having to be trained.

The difference between a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA is that with a Bachelor’s my mangers will tell me what the company’s needs are, while with an MBA I make suggestions as to what the company’s needs are.

Aside from being an HR Director, you are also the proud owner of a photography business. Tell us a little bit about your company.

I used to do photography as a hobby. Then it hit me, “Why not make it my plan B.” My passion for photography allowed me to have fun and work at the same time. I opened my home-based business Green Eye Photography in June of 2014. It has been very successful thus far. My attention to detail and people person abilities have been my number success factors.

Do you think you can apply what you learned in the MBA program to your business?

Absolutely, the MBA program gave me a well-rounded knowledge of running a business. I learned how to market my business as well as how to deal with the market competition. I am more confident in myself as a business woman and a professional.