How Nursing Programs Can Enrich Your Life

Nurse having conversation with senior citizenA degree in nursing can enrich your life! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook, the job for nurses between the year of 2012-2022 is expected to increase by 19%, which is reportedly faster than the average. The need for nurses is ever growing, which means that educational programs are popping up all over the country including at FNU. The choices are plenty but to find the right college and/or university with the perfect nursing program, one has to seriously consider what the profession is, what it requires, and whether or not one is up for such a career?

Not What You See on Television

Many people have this romanticized perception of what it’s like to be a nurse. Some of these ideas have been harvested from television shows. Granted, some of the “current” TV programs like Code Black and the jaw-dropping Grey’s Anatomy depict a more realistic version of the healthcare profession but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Experiencing first hand the responsibility of caring for a patient and knowing that each decision made is a matter of life and death makes the job of a nurse both strenuous and rewarding

Expectation to Exceed General Job Duties

The attitude of “staying in one lane” of job responsibilities and not taking the initiative to go above and beyond the job expectations is sadly a culture in some work environments. As a nurse, this is not an option! For example, if that individual’s shift is coming to an end and the other nurse who is supposed to cover that individual for some reason doesn’t show up, the nurse who hasn’t clocked out yet is expected to continue working if no one else can cover for him or her. This is referred to as working “a double” or working two 8-hour shifts back-to-back totaling 16 hours. Sometimes, it may even be expected for a nurse to work a triple shift.

Expect the Unexpected

In the healthcare industry, some things cannot be controlled. Unexpected situations often occur, asking that healthcare workers serve in the front line and as such, this is not the kind of profession that just anyone can handle. This is why it’s important to understand what is expected of a nurse and why enrolling in a nursing program that properly prepares students for this is key.

Prepare for the Unexpected

The last thing a prospective nursing student should do is enroll into just any nursing program just because it’s cheap. Finding an accredited university that offers a thorough nursing program designed to prepare and seamlessly transition students into the nursing profession after graduation is the most important thing to consider.

What an Ideal Nursing Program Offers

One should look for a nursing program that offers courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology as well as, other social science classes. To break up the intensity of these areas of concentration, it is also recommended to find a program that allows one to take a few liberal arts courses as well.

In addition to finding the right program, nursing students need to take the initiative to make sure that he or she is developing critical thinking, organizational and speaking skills. In other words, one should take the initiative to engage in their courses and ask questions. Don’t just accept what is being taught. Challenge it. You get what you put in and a professor will appreciate the enthusiasm.

Gratification in Helping Others

It takes more than just retaining information to be a nurse and Florida National University (FNU) has you covered! FNU’s nursing program is designed to fully prepare students for a career as a nurse. Additionally, FNU’s nursing program teaches students to mentally prepare for such a profession. FNU understands the importance of instilling compassion, physical stamina and emotional stability while in the midst of chaos in our future nurses which is why we make sure to prepare our students to overcome any obstacle.

More Than a Career, It’s a Lifestyle

Being a nurse is more than a career; it’s a lifestyle. Being a nurse isn’t about punching a time clock at 9am and leaving at 5pm. Nurses, as well as almost every other healthcare professional who is on the front lines of directly caring for patients, must always be prepared for emergencies and unfortunate events like 9/11, The Boston Marathon Bombings, senseless mass shootings and other unforeseen events that require the immediate care of a healthcare professional.

For a profession like this, it truly takes someone with a servant’s heart who is willing to give of him or herself at a moment’s notice. FNU’s nursing program understands this and is dedicated to imparting this knowledge and understanding into our students.

Benefits of Being a Nurse

Nursing is truly a rewarding profession, but it’s important to understand the serious commitment that it demands, which is why it’s a good idea to learn what is expected from you now before spending the time and money in a program that’s not for you.

FNU offers internships at various hospitals and healthcare facilities in South Florida so that students get first-hand experience working in the industry. Some intern hours, also referred to as clinical hours can be taken throughout a 24-hour day, to truly give students a realistic view of what life as a nurse is really like.

Even with the sometimes extended hourly demands of such a profession, nurses have three distinct advantages that other positions in such industries may not always have the luxury of having:

  1. SecurityIf there’s a call to extend the hours of a nurse’s shift at any given time, it could be reasoned that the chances of being fired from a position are less probable.
  1. FlexibilityPerhaps one of the reasons why the demand for nurses is so high is because many of them work part-time. The nursing profession appears to be more tolerable in part-time shifts and it’s actually cheaper for the employer to do so as well—that is if they aren’t asked to work over 40 hours!
  1. MobilityThe nursing profession is a service that is needed all around the world. One needn’t worry about being confined to a certain region in order to stay employed. As a nurse, one can live anywhere in the world and find work!

FNU’s Nursing Program

Do you have a big heart and want to dedicate your time and talent to enriching the lives of others? If so, consider FNU’s Bachelor’s of Science Nursing Program! There is only a minimum of 120 credit hours needed to graduate. Additionally, this program is equipped to prepare students in the areas of health assessment, nursing theories and concepts, research, leadership, informatics and health promotion across various healthcare settings.

Start enriching the lives of others today by calling FNU and getting enrolled in one of our programs!