Online Nursing Degree (BSN). What You Need to Know

Online Nursing Degree (BSN). What You Need to KnowThanks to the opportunity of online college courses, the number of online courses in the nation has grown up to 6.8 million, and this number keeps growing, according to the Online Learning Consortium. The Consortium further reports that “more than a quarter of higher education students (28 percent) are enrolled in at least one online course.”

So what does this mean for someone who has aspirations of getting a nursing degree but also work a full-time job while attending to other personal responsibilities?

It means that it’s possible to get a nursing degree! Yet, when it comes to selecting the right online RN to BSN degree program, many people don’t quite know where to start.

What You Need to Understand about Nursing Degree Programs

Nursing is a meticulous profession that requires an extreme amount of attention to detail. In fact, any college degree will. However, nursing college courses will entail more science courses. That means the type of work required is more quantitative. Having a strong background in mathematical sciences is a must. If not, then prerequisite courses may have to be taken before diving into some of the main classes that are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Make no mistake, pursuing a nursing degree is going to take some hard work and dedication on your end—especially if you’re considering getting the degree online.


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Online Nursing Courses are Not Easier!

Do not be led to think that just because a nursing degree can be earned online that it’s easy. While there are some online degree programs that might appear to be a little easier to breeze through, it’s wise to research the educational institution that’s offering the nursing degree program. These days the degree course rather than the actual school is being advertised online. So, if a degree program you see online appeals to you, do your due diligence and look into what kind of university is offering it.

Florida National University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing

With Florida National University (FNU), our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is offered online and virtually to students who already have their RN license. The online and virtual degree program is essentially one in the same in terms of the syllabus. The difference will only be in how the two are taught. One will be more structured in a traditional classroom setting in either one of our campuses in Miami or Hialeah. The other—the online course, will be taught completely online, giving you the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule and not be bound by set times along with the obstacles and expenses of tolls, traffic, or parking. This is a huge benefit to working individuals who aspire to improve their quality of life with a college education.

Online Nursing Degree (BSN). What You Need to Know

What Must Be Done to Apply to FNU’s Nursing Degree Program?

Enrolling in FNU’s online nursing degree program requires a little more work than most other degrees. First, you will be required to take a diagnostic test so that our advisors can determine which classes to start you off with. It’s crucial that you are academically ready to take on college courses. Therefore, a satisfactory percentage in general subjects like College Algebra and English Composition are necessary. However, we will accept credits from such courses that were earned at a regionally accredited university.

The diagnostic test is only the first step. Next, you’ll need to pass the KAPLAN exam with at least 75%. You must register for this test directly through FNU.

After the two tests, then the general requirements will need to be submitted. Along with the enrollment application for the university, the program application will need to accompany it. You’ll also need to submit an official transcript along with a 250-word essay about why you’ve decided to pursue a nursing career at FNU. In this essay, you must highlight what your motivation is, your strengths and weaknesses along with what you plan to accomplish in life as a nursing professional.

In addition to the essay, you’ll need to attain two professional references and a local police report.

For Students Who Have Completed the Associates of Science in Nursing

Students who have already earned their associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) and have an active Registered Nurse license will be able to transfer up to 32 credits toward the BSN program. This is a huge benefit because the amount of time that it will take to complete a bachelor’s degree is 4 years. Having already earned an ADN with the proper credentials will cut this amount of time in half.

The Online BSN Degree is Great for Foreign Physicians

If you live in the United States as a Foreign Physician—having graduated as a medical doctor from another country from an accredited institution and you have your RN license, then you may be eligible to enroll in our BSN online program. Your medical school transcript will first have to be evaluated by an accredited credential evaluation agency. If approved, then most, if not all of your general education courses will be transferred.

FNU’s Nursing Degree Program is Affordable!

Through Florida National University’s financial aid department, you may be able to qualify for federal aid, Pell grants, and scholarships. If you’re ready to start taking online BSN courses, then contact an FNU advisor to assist you with the admissions process today!