Orientation Attendee Discusses Her Impression of FNU’s MBA Program


MBA Program Information Folder and Flyer for Florida National University

Recently, Florida National University (FNU) held an orientation for its Executive MBA program. Interested in earning a master’s in business administration, Ms. Ana Veloso, President of Velocity Social Media, attended the orientation to learn more about the program, and how it could help her as a business professional. She was so impressed with FNU’s program that she asked if she could be a guest blogger and provide us with a review of the Orientation. The following is her account:

“I had the opportunity to attend Florida National University’s MBA Open House the other night. On a DAILY basis, I am bombarded with Facebook and LinkedIn ads for many such MBA programs both within the state of Florida and throughout the USA as well. However, I am most impressed with the accelerated “Hybrid MBA” program available to Guest Blogger Ms Ana Velosoworking professionals, where the teaching strategy focuses on breakthrough concepts such as “learning to learn,” the ability to truly “self-evaluate” through both discipline and working within the team/cohort environment. For the technological age in which we have entered, the “new” professional must possess these “Hybrid” skills not just to keep up, but more so to clearly differentiate themselves from the intense competition prevalent in today’s workforce. Indeed, FNU is a pioneer with regards to this superior concept which will undoubtedly lead to a more favorable outcome in the individual’s career. It is also important to note the program is priced much more competitively than similar ones available in the market, where you don’t have to put a second mortgage on your home or go deep into debt to achieve the degree. The challenge for me is to find the time, but it’s definitely something I know that will help my career. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Written by Guest Blogger:
Ms. Ana Veloso
President of Velocity Social Media


Florida National University’s MBA program is designed to provide Bachelor students with an opportunity to continue on to the Masters level and students with work experience an opportunity to enhance their careers with higher level education in Business Administration. Course material allows students to focus on one of five concentrations: General Management, Finance, Marketing, Health Services Administration or Public Management & Leadership. Each course also reinforces the student’s knowledge and skills in the two non-functional areas important to employers: Communications and Problem identification, analysis, and solving.


If you wish to learn more about Florida National University’s MBA program, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 305-821-3333 extension 1016.