How to Pursue a Career as an Medical Assistant in Florida


How to Pursue a Career as an Medical Assistant in FloridaWorking as a Medical Assistant in Florida is the type of career that has a positive outlook in terms of job openings in the next 10 years. This is mainly because of the increasing baby boomer population migrating to the Florida area resulting in the need for more healthcare and more Medical Assistants. There’s also the matter of some of the baby boomer population who work as medical assistants and are retiring or possibly moving on to another position.

More Job Opportunities Means More Competition

While the job position of the medical assistant is steadily increasing, so is the competition between applicants. Healthcare hiring administrators have a wide selection of applicants to choose from, so they have the luxury of being quite selective. What this means for aspiring medical assistants is that you need to present yourself and your resume in a way that stands out above the rest. Throwing your resume into a pool of other applicants might be the equivalent of tossing a needle in a haystack hoping someone will find it.

Your Responsibility to Be the Best

IHow to Pursue a Career as an Medical Assistant in Floridat is your responsibility to do everything possible to be the best candidate for the job as a medical assistant. Here are a few helpful tips on what you can do to pursue a rewarding career as a medical assistant in the state of Florida:

  • Always Find the Right College

This should be your number one priority. Selecting the right college will have a lot to do with how well of a job candidate you will be. Employers take notice of the type of university applicants have graduated from. Many universities have been around long enough to have a reputation that precedes them. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are accredited.

Many colleges spend thousands—even millions of dollars on advertising campaigns to increase their enrollment rate. Don’t get distracted by all of that. Do your due diligence and research the types of colleges and universities in the Florida area that offer accredited quality medical assistant programs.

  • Find Bilingual Medical Assistant Courses

In the South Florida region, Spanish is the second-most spoken language. Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited institution in South Florida, has taken notice of this and designed its medical assistant program to be taught bilingually. The reason for this is because we understand that many patients in the South Florida area may speak Spanish a little better than English. When it comes to effectively communicating information, especially in regards to healthcare, it is imperative that the medical assistant can comprehend and speak to patients in order to relay messages clearly.

  • Know What You’re Getting Into

It’s not uncommon to pursue a career because the idea of it seems appealing only to discover after they’ve graduated and worked a few months or even years in the profession that they might be better suited to do something else. If you’re seriously considering working in the healthcare industry as a medial assistant, we encourage you to do your research there as well and find out what kind of job duties and responsibilities are expected from such an occupation. You’ll not only be able to prepare for the college coursework, but also the job.

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  • Get Hands-On Training

The medical assistant program offered at FNU allows you to get the official training needed to succeed in the workforce by practicing the academic fundaments through 45 hours of clinical work. Through clinical experience, graduates of the program will have a smoother transition working from the classroom to a professional healthcare setting.

  • Learn from Instructors with Real-Life Experience

The academic staff at FNU is experienced and trained professionals who are fully capable of teaching you the fundamental of medical terminology, patient care procedures, managing electronic medical records along with insurance, coding and billing and more. Our instructors will not only teach you what’s in our academic curriculum, they’ll also prepare you for those unforeseen emergency situations where you’ll be required to act quickly and accurately.

  • Become Part of Something Bigger

Graduates of FNU’s Medical Assistant program will be eligible to apply for membership at the American Registry for Medical Assistants (ARMA). ARMA is a non-profit organization “whose purpose is to advance the status and professionalism of the Medical Assistant.” Having this kind of a status on your resume is sure to increase the interest of job seekers.

Where Can a Medical Assistant Work?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. With a medical assistant diploma, you can work in a variety of healthcare settings. Depending on what kind of facility you end up working in and how many employees you’re working with, you could manage several responsibilities or just a few. Here is a brief list that could be in your job description as a medical assistant:

  • Check in patients, record their medical history and personal information, and schedule appointments.
  • Take vital signs.
  • Prep patients for exam.

With a medical assistant diploma, you could work in an administrative or clinical setting. They can also work for physicians who specialize in different areas of the healthcare industry. Ophthalmologists, optometrists, podiatrist, and other specializations could use the assistance and expertise of a medical assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that approximately 59% of these positions are based in physicians’ offices and the rest are in state, local, or private hospitals, and outpatient centers.

Landing a job as a medial assistant isn’t always easy for everyone, but according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the odds seem to be a little more favorable in the state of Florida.

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