The purpose of this program is to prepare the student as a multi-skilled medical assistant. This is done through the acquisition of the knowledge and skills that are necessary to work in clinical and administrative settings at hospitals, clinics, medical Labs, diagnostic centers, and doctor’s offices. In addition, the program offers options for entry-level positions such as front office procedures, back office procedures, and back office procedures. Florida National University students will be able to apply for the American Registry for Medical Assistants (ARMA) registry.

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Program Requirements (36 Credits)

General Education (13 Credits)

Student Life Skills (1 Credit)
Credit Hours
  • SLS 1501
    College Study Skills
Communications (6 Credits)
Credit Hours
  • ENC 1101
    English Composition I
  • SPC 1017
    Fundamentals of Oral Communications
Natural Sciences (3 Credits)
Credit Hours
  • BSC 1081
    Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Information Literacy (3 Credits)
Credit Hours
  • CGS 1030
    Introduction to Information Technology

Core Requirements (23 Credits)

Credit Hours
  • HSC 1531C
    Medical Terminology
  • HSC 1230L
    Patient Care Procedures
  • MEA 1659
    Electronic Medical Records
  • MEA 2226C
    Examining Room Procedures
  • MEA 2265C
    Lab Procedures
  • MEA 2266C
    Lab Procedures II
  • MEA 2305C
    Medical Office Procedures
  • MEA 2332C
    Medical Insurance Coding and Billing

During the Medical Assistant Diploma program, Florida National University students will learn important medical terminology, patient care, office and lab procedures, electronic medical records and medical insurance coding and billing. Medical assistants have both clinical and clerical responsibilities. They are the liaison between medical professionals and patients. Medical assistants may be the first person a patient encounters so this program stresses good communication and proper patient care.

This Medical Assistant Diploma program includes both classroom theory and hands-on experience to prepare students to work alongside nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals.

BLS, OSHA, HIV, HIPPA seminars completion are required for graduation.
Students are required to complete 180 hours of clinical experience before graduation.
Medical Assistant students are required to wear uniforms at all times.
Attendance is mandatory for this program.

*General Education Component (see page 219)
**This course has prerequisites; check course descriptions.