Official transcripts and diplomas must be requested through Parchment credentialing services.  Students can order their transcripts or diplomas via this link: Parchment Transcripts and Diplomas

The Office of the Registrar will approve the release of any transcripts requested through the Parchment service within fifteen days (15) after receiving the request.  The Office of the Registrar will approve the release of any Diplomas requested through the Parchment service within thirty days (30) after receiving the request

The transcript fee is $15.00, though students have multiple options for shipping and handling.

Students may request an expedited transcript, prepared within three (3) working days, for $25.00 per transcript.

Expedited transcripts are only available for on-campus pickup. Please choose this option when ordering. During normal business hours, expedited transcripts will only be available for pickup at the Hialeah Campus – Office of the Registrar.

Diplomas for certificates and undergraduate degrees are $30.00, and diplomas for Graduate programs (Master’s Degrees, Graduate certificates, and Post-Graduate Certificates) are $50.00.

No student will receive a transcript or diploma unless they fully satisfy all university financial obligations.

Who is Parchment, and what is their mission?  

At our core, Parchment believes credentials matter. Providing a convenient platform to help institutions and individuals securely send and receive credentials, such as transcripts and diplomas, online has established Parchment as the leader in eTranscript exchange. Cumulatively, 100 million credentials have been exchanged between Parchment’s member network of senders and receivers. This network, reaching 25% secondary enrollments and 55% postsecondary enrollments on the Send side, while our Receivers account for 96% of enrollments. Our network is the gateway to turn credentials into opportunities.