How to Reduce College Tuition Expense

How to Reduce College Tuition ExpenseWhen you start adulting, one of the biggest investment expenses to adopt is a student loan. To make sure that you’re not incurring too much debt while earning your college education, the administrative team here at Florida National University (FNU) would like to provide you with some helpful tips on what you can do to reduce college tuition expenses.

Determine What Kind of Career You Want to Pursue

Oftentimes, the type of career that you want to pursue may only require a two-year degree. Knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up can save thousands of dollars in student loan payback, freeing up your expenses to put toward getting the house or car of your dreams—maybe even going on that dream vacation!

One way to find out if you need a two or four-year degree is to consult with an academic advisor. The advisors at FNU have our students’ best interest at heart. We know that if you succeed, then so do we as a regionally accredited educational institution. Our goal is to help students get on the right academic path to success by guiding them toward a degree program that best matches their skills and interests. Whether it’s in the healthcare industry, business, education, or computer technology, our academic advisors are sure to find an affordable right degree program that’s also affordable.

Start Taking College Courses While You’re in High School

If you’re a high school student in your junior or senior year, then you might be interested in learning about the dual enrollment program that FNU offers. The Dual Enrollment Admission Program is an advanced collegiate placement program for exceptional high school students who are interested in getting an early jumpstart on their college education.

There are many advantages to applying for FNU’s Dual Enrollment Admission Program. One of the main benefits is the reduced cost of tuition. The cost per credit is only $225.00. The tuition spent here not only reduces what you’d normally pay as an official college freshman, it also reduces the number of student loans that you’d have to take out. To learn the full benefits of FNU’s Dual Enrollment Admission Program read, “Benefits of Attending a College with a High School Dual Enrollment Program in Miami.”

Take a Closer Look at Your Housing Options

FNU does not offer housing for students. Part of the romanticism of earning a college education is the fantasy of living away from home sleeping in dormitories. What they don’t tell you about dorm living is that you have to pay for it! Another secret is that sometimes, dorm living can cost nearly the same as an apartment, if not more! We encourage you to take a closer look at your housing options. Find a fellow student to share an apartment with. If you are living at home, then consider the option of living rent-free as a college student. Taking out loans to pay for rent may seem like a solution to help you toward your college degree, but it’s best to remember that it’s a loan that you are expected to pay back once you graduate.

Buy Used Textbooks

As a college student, something that never gets old is the premium cost of textbooks. Getting a college education isn’t cheap. College textbooks are among the main teaching tools that professors use to help you prepare for the career of your dreams.

Most, if not all textbooks are composed of several academic scholars who have put in the work to publish critical information and data that is relevant to today’s time and to your field of interest. With this in mind, it would stand to reason why the cost of textbooks is priced at a premium rate. At the same time, there is a way to get your textbooks at a discounted rate. To make a little extra cash, many students will sell their used textbooks after completing their class. You may be able to find some used textbooks online or at an independent bookstore. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find an ebook version of your textbook on Amazon. Ebooks typically sell for less than the physical copy of a publication, but this isn’t always guaranteed.

Take on a Part-time Job While Attending Classes

The less money you take out in loans, the less you’ll have to pay back once you graduate. The higher your student loans are, the higher the monthly payment will be. To reduce your monthly student loan payment means to take out fewer loans. In order to do that you’ll need to do your best to pay for your tuition with out-of-pocket expenses. That means getting a job whether it’s part-time or full-time—whatever you can handle. At FNU, our courses are also offered online giving students the flexibility to schedule classes around their time rather than the other way around. Working while attending college is technically defined as a non-traditional student, but lately, a working student is beginning to become the norm.

Look for Grants and Scholarships

A surefire way to reduce your tuition is to apply for grants and scholarships. This is the type of financial aid that is much like a reward that you don’t have to pay back. Apply for as many of these as possible! Visit FNU’s financial aid office to find out what kind of grants and scholarship you might be eligible for. It doesn’t hurt to look online either! Free money is out there for college students. You just have to take the initiative to find it!

Florida National University is dedicated to helping you succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Find out what type of degree programs we offer both in the classroom and online. Contact one of our advisors to help you start the application process today!