Secrets of Successful College Students


Whether you’re pursuing an associates or bachelor’s degree through a brick and mortar educational institution or online, the requirements needed to achieve such degrees are high, which means that an exceptional amount of hard work, commitment and dedication is also needed. There are going to be times throughout your college career when you might not feel that you’re up to the task of passing your courses. It may sometimes feel like your sinking in a pool of academic responsibilities that you’ll never be able to manage.

But you can and you will!

College is Hard Work!

What you need to know is that it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with academic responsibilities. Florida National University’s (FNU) vigorous curriculum of accredited degree programs are designed specifically to prepare students for the professional demands of the workforce. No one said college was easy, but many students have pushed through the trying times to earn their degree that has opened doors to incredible career opportunities!

Once you become a college student, it won’t be all that uncommon to find yourself in a challenging course—or even semester. But the academic faculty and administrators at FNU want you to be encouraged. Our university has a long list of FNU alumni who are excelling in their careers, and while they’ve had their individual challenges, they all shared the same sentiment of staying dedicated to the task no matter how hard their personal obstacles may have been.

From their success stories, here are some inspirational secrets that you can take away as an existing or aspiring student can learn:

  • It’s OK to change your mind.

New Englander, Nickenson Chery enrolled in FNU as a Radiology major in spring of 2008. As he began to familiarize himself with the healthcare profession, Nickenson soon realized that he would be better suited for an administrative position within the field.

What Nickenson may not have anticipated is the level of commitment a Bachelor’s in Health Services Administration would have over an Associates in Radiologic Technology. He recalled the semesters where going to bed at 2:00 – 3:00 AM on a daily basis was considered a normal routine for him. But he stuck with it, and didn’t give up. Nickenson eventually graduated with his bachelor’s degree in April 2015.

Even after Nickenson earned his degree, more challenges lay ahead for the FNU alumnus. He landed an internship at Aventura Hospital in the South Florida area, and then took a leap of faith to try his luck in Las Vegas. Eventually, he found his way back home to Boston landing a career in the Developmental Government Services Department at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Throughout his search for a rewarding profession, Nickenson changed his mind a lot. He switched academic majors and worked a handful of positions in different areas of the country. But eventually, he found his niche and we’re confident that you will too!

  • Exceptional students can become professors.

Keep your options open. Sometimes, it just might be meant for you to get an education just so you can help other hopefuls like yourself earn their college degree. Paying it forward might often be the career of your dreams too. Leticia Perez, came to the United States from Cuba in 2005. She knew that education was the key to providing her with more opportunities. So she enrolled in FNU and became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) a year later. Leticia could’ve stopped there, but she went on to purse her associate’s degree in Nursing and kept going to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She was then accepted into the Masters in Adult Gerontology program at South University in Savannah, Georgia and became and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.

All of Leticia’s accolades were quite attractive to FNU. Having full confidence that Leticia earned the best education possible, she was offered a professional teaching degree from her own alma mater. She gracefully accepted.

“Now, I can take all my lessons and give them to the next generation of nursing students. I want them to know that anything is possible.” Leticia said.

  • Creativity can turn you into an entrepreneur.

A maintenance man who rode his bike from work to college ends up managing his own dental clinic. Now this story truly embodies the American Dream!

Douglas Conrado worked as a proud maintenance technician in the South Florida area. He eventually wanted more. Because he was already had a talent of working with his hands, Douglas enrolled into a Dental Technician program at FNU. With a bike as his only means of transportation, Douglas soon earned the admiration and respect from fellow classmates and even from some of his professors being graced with the nickname “The Challenger”!

After earning his degree and landing an apprenticeship, Douglas earned a career as a Dental Tech. After mastering the trade, Douglas built a lab right in his own home and started supplying quality work! Using the tried and true door-to-door sales method, Douglas introduced his work to dental offices providing them with another option of giving top-grade quality dental products to their patients. Eventually he found a commercial location and officially launched his business.

  • Earn your degree while serving your country with distance learning

No matter where you are in the country, or even the world, you can earn a college degree from FNU through our online degree program. Beth Sullivan of the U.S. Navy praised FNU for providing her with the opportunity to earn a college degree as a First Class petty Officer in Computer Information Technology as it best suit her then current responsibilities on the Navy ships as she sailed the world.

So no matter how intimidating college may seem, getting a college degree is attainable! Just ask any one of these FNU alumni! They’ll tell you it’s hard, but it’s possible and definitely worth the work! So contact an FNU advisor to find out which one of our degree programs is best suited for you!