Speech by Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach Aldo Benitez

Someone once told me that when you get involved in school activities your chances of graduating from that university tremendously increase. Another person said, “The best way to make instant friends is by joining a sports team.” This past week was a great example of how friendships and support of one another helped FNU achieve so much greatness.

Thank you, President Regueiro and all others involved, from the front desk to the President’s office for making it possible for Florida National University to open its doors to Women’s Soccer. I support strong women playing sports and believe this program will continue working hard to make this university one that other females will look forward to joining, playing for, and walking in graduation.

When Gio De La Rosa first approached me and asked if I was interested in helping him with this endeavor, I said yes. Not knowing what to expect, I knew that Coach Gio would bring his knowledge, passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the Women’s Soccer program. Having worked with Gio on other projects, I knew we would make the ladies better by working hard and teaching them this beautiful game. However, I never knew these Ladies’ hard work, passion, dedication, and commitment would equally match that of the entire coaching staff, management, and directors and help FNU not only earn a berth into the USCAA National Championships but a well-deserved Runner-Up Trophy.

Today the honor goes to you Soccer Ladies for never giving up and making this Inaugural season not only memorable but EPIC!