What it Takes to Launch a Career in Business

FNU students doing classworkIn an increasingly corporate world there is a high demand for people with a good mind for finance, accounting and business administration. Businesses rely on these professionals to analyze investments and holdings and provide profitable solutions to economic problems and business situations. Although financiers, accountants, and business administrators all carve out a unique niche of the market, the amount of overlap is considerable. A degree in any of these fields will require coursework in finance, accounting, and business administration.

Finance and Accounting

Finance is a discipline primarily concerned with investment management, financial analysis, and bond valuation. Asset managers, accountants, mortgage sales associates, and actuary managers are just a few of the fields that rely heavily on a quality finance education.

Seasoned author and directory of Bolduc House Museum, Lesley Barker, described an accountant as someone who is “highly trained in math, accounting, law, and finance so that they can describe the health of an individual, company, or nonprofit organization using numbers and financial statements.” These doctors of business evaluate how a company is doing and produce federally mandated annual reports. They are also responsible for internal audits to ensure that numbers and practices are consistent with issued reports. These critical audits are often the gateway to discovering fraud within a company. Accountants are responsible for catching fraud that has occurred and identifying areas that are high risk and susceptible to fraud.

Business Administration


Business Administrators have the colossal task of managing and leading the personnel of a business. This requires competency and education in finance, accounting, and management. The demand for Business Administrators is high, with a variety of careers demanding this specialized skill set, including; Operations Managers, Human Resources (HR) Managers, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and General / Operations Managers.

The requirements for any business degree inevitably involve classes focusing on each of these three fields. Starting with a solid base of business and economic understanding, prospective Business Administrators or Accountants are able to specialize their higher education to the specific area business that they wishes to pursue.


Florida National University


Florida National University offers exciting opportunities to complete degrees in Business Administration or Accounting, in fully accredited online programs. These rigorous and respected programs provide students a valuable opportunity to achieve their goals on their schedule from anywhere in the world.

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