Top 10 Certifications To Consider Adding To Your Resume

Top 10 Certifications To Consider Adding To Your ResumeIf you find that you’re having trouble landing a job, then perhaps it’s time to improve your resume. We’re not suggesting a new format with vivid colors and photo to boot either. Here at Florida National University (FNU), we are concerned more with the helping students equip themselves with the proper education needed to achieve the job of their dreams. As a regionally accredited higher learning institution, we are equipped to award students with the opportunity to earn an associate, bachelors, and master’s degree—some which can be earned 100% online. However, we realize that not everyone may have the time or have access to the right kind of financial assistance pursue these types of degrees.

On the other hand, there are some college graduates who may find themselves in between jobs or looking to switch professions because they could be lacking a skillset. FNU offers certificate programs that will enhance both your skillset and resume making it separate from all of the rest of your competitors in the job-searching arena.

Information for college courses

We have provided you with a list of certificate programs that will definitely take less than a year to complete and will serve as the perfect highlighted achievement on your resume.

For a General Academic Upgrade


  1. Computer Office Specialist

If you are unsure exactly which way you want to go in your career path, then the safest choice is to enroll in our Computer Office Specialist certificate program. This 30-credit program includes a course on English Composition and an Introduction to Information Technology. As basic as these courses are, it is important to understand that college material gets updated frequently. So for working professionals who have been in the workforce for some time now, it’s wise to brush up on your communication skills. It’s never a good idea to get too comfortable in your industry as new graduates are emerging every year looking for entry-level jobs and even upper-level positions. The core requirements for this certificate program are as follows:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet Application
  • Web Programming I
  • Database Management Systems
  • Web Page Authoring Software

No matter what your profession is, acquiring a refresher course in these subjects will make you a great asset to any company. You’ll also need to complete 7 elective credits in order to receive your certificate.

Industry Specific College Certificate Programs

Some students and/or professionals might know exactly what they want to do. FNU has something for that as well. Inquire about any of the following certificate programs:

  1. Legal Secretary

This 31-credit certificate program offers 18 credit hours of core requirements in Legal Research & Writing, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Law Office Management, Family Law & Practice, Real Estate, Estate Planning and even an internship in Paralegal Assisting. This is the perfect certificate program to prepare for a career in law whether you’re looking to become a practicing attorney or paralegal.

  1. Patient Care Technician

If you’ve always had a knack for taking care of people and had thoughts of working as a certified nurse, FNU’s Patient Care Technician certificate program is the smartest way to get learn the in’s and out’s of the healthcare profession. This certificate program only requires 20 credit hours and will cover the following courses in Hospital Procedures, Medical Terminology and the Fundamentals of Patient Care and Treatment. You’ll also get hands-on experience with an externship. A major benefit with this certificate program is that it is taught in both English and Spanish.

  1. Dental Assistant

FNU’s Dental Assistant program is also offered in English and Spanish. A total of 18 credits are required to complete this program. Courses in Front Office Procedures, Diet, Nutrition, & Oral Hygiene, Dental Office Emergencies and more including a clinical externship is what you will get out this certificate program.

  1. Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant certificate is more like a general overview of healthcare profession provided to you in a block of 36 credits hours. With this certificate, you’ll be prepared to work an entry-level administrative job managing patients’ records and insurance documents, and possibly prepping patients to see the doctor depending on the type of facility you’re working in.

Graduate Certificate Programs in Miami

Graduate Certificates

For those who may have already earned their bachelor’s degree and have been seriously considering getting a master’s degree, FNU’s Graduate Certificate programs are a great way to list a master’s credential on your resume without having to spend the time and finances of going through an entire master’s program. Each of these programs requires 12 credit hours of completion. Here are the following graduate certificate programs that are available to you:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. General Management
  4. Health Services Administration
  5. Marketing

Another great benefit is that any applicable credits earned in these certificate programs are transferable to any of our master degree programs within 5 years of receiving this diploma.

Continue your education with Florida National University. Enroll today and start the application process online by contacting an FNU advisor.